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The backbone of a healthy child is a healthy Mother. A mother is bestowed with the power to nurture and nourish her child for nine months in the womb and thereafter with her extra care. Once the child is born, it needs extra care and nutritional nourishment which it gets from the mother's breastmilk. According to WHO an infant must be nurtured with breastmilk for at least six to twelve months. But there are numerous factors to consider when it comes to nursing mothers and breast milk.

All the nutrient content that a baby receives is through his mother. Whether the baby is in the womb or even after birth, the baby relies on his mother for proper nutrient supply. It gives the baby enough strength and energy to grow properly. Nursing mothers are advised to focus on their diet, and other aspects to make sure their body has all the nutrients that the baby needs. Lactating mother's diet is crucially designed that contains rich proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help overcome the weakness and help deliver the baby with all necessary nutrients.

What can they do to keep themselves healthy?

A lactating mother can stay healthy by taking care of numerous aspects starting with her diet to increase milk.

A healthy diet is a key to a healthy lifestyle. And when it comes to breastfeeding, a mother needs to maintain the right proportion of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. All these nutrients help the mother stay healthy and regain the lost strength after labor. Include calcium and protein-rich foods in the diet. Avoid consumption of fat in your diet and also start green tea in the nursing mother’s diet as it contains numerous nutritive herbs that help stay healthy.

Besides, taking care of emotional and mental health is also essential. The use of lactation tea, the best herbal tea for mothers, can help them stay relaxed and attain stable mental and emotional health.


Product Description

Nursing mother’s tea contains numerous ayurvedic herbs that are packed with natural nutrients that help the mother stay healthy. These herbs help regulate blood pressure and ensure the supply of minerals and protein to strengthen bones and other parts of the body. Besides, it helps to improve the quality of the breastmilk and alleviates gastrointestinal issues in the infant.


Ingredients in herbal tea for lactating mothers

If you are thinking of how to increase milk for breastfeeding moms? Then have a look at the underlying ingredients of herbal tea for lactating mothers and their benefits.


It helps in better digestion and also promotes good health. It also helps increase the production of breast milk.


When using fenugreek in herbal tea for mothers, it helps increase breast milk supply in stressful situations.


It is a herbal galactagogue that has been used for centuries to increase breast milk production by increasing prolactin content in the body. It also strengthens the body of the mother and the baby.


It acts as an antidepressant that helps relieve stress. Further, it helps strengthen the immune system of the mother as well the baby.


Ginger is quite effective in promoting the healing process after childbirth. It is also a powerful galactagogue that promotes breastmilk production postpartum.


It is packed with essential minerals like iron and magnesium which are beneficial for nursing mothers to regain their lost strength.


It has antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal faster after tiring labor.


It helps increase the flow of the breastmilk. And also, it helps delay the periods after childbirth.


Rich in calcium and otter minerals, it helps regain strength and helps the body prepare for breastfeeding.


It helps mothers attain a healthy and sound sleep. A proper sleep cycle helps mothers recover faster.


It has benefits in increasing milk production and helping mothers deliver all the essential nutrients to the child. 


Apart from a healthy diet, drinking Yethai's Nursing mothers tea can be a great choice to increase breast milk. It contains all the above mentioned herbs that help increase breast milk and thus it is great choice to go for! Lactating mothers can continue this tea right after the childbirth along other nutritional diets to ensure a healthy lifestyle for themselves as well as their babies.


Brewing Instructions:

  • Boil water and remove it from the flame.
  • Dip one Nursing Mothers Tea bag and allow it to steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • Remove the Tea bag and serve it hot