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I hope we all like the strong flavor of tea but do not find the best tea brand that thrills your nerves. The strength of tea or the flavor of the tea comes from the level of oxidation that it goes through.  One of the most distinctive teas is the Nilgiri tea named after the Nilgiris or Blue Mountain where it is grown. It is also called as Ooty Tea by many people in India. Due to the saxe-blue Kutinji flower, this range is called the Blue Mountains as the hills cover it when the flower blooms once in 12 years.  

In 1835, tea was first brought to Nilgiri and has been commercially grown there. Nilgiri is situated in South India and the tea is being grown at an elevation that ranges from 1000 meters to 2500 meters. Annually the rainfall varies from 60 to 90 inches. All these conditions are favorable to give fine, elegant tea flavor and brisk liquor to Nilgiri tea.

Fragrance and briskness together make Nilgiri a unique tea, none other tea can be compared with it in the world. It is no doubt that Nigiri tea is one of the best tea in the world. Pure Nilgiri tea is best for you if you like the fragrance of the tea with a superlative flavor. Nilgiri tea has a delicious fragrance and exquisite aromatic tea with high tones of delicate floral notes and golden yellow liquor. Some of the chief attributes of the tea are that they and crispy brisk and bright, lingering notes of dusk flowers with an undercurrent of briskness.   

With the pure Nilgiri tea, you get a healthy tea with a creamy mouth feel. This is truly a flavorful tea for a stressful day. The Nilgiri Orthodox tea has recently been registered as a Geographical Indication in India. Buy Nilgiri tea online to meet your daily needs of drinking the best tea in the morning to start your day. One of the specialties of Nilgiri tea is the winter frost teas, packed with flavor due to the frosty nights.


Product Description:

For customers who love the rich aroma of tea, fresh Nilgiri tea leaves are picked to make Yethai’s Nilgiri CTC dust tea. It is an exciting gift for tea lovers. An exhilarating aroma is produced by Nilgiri black tea which has a mild color and superb mild taste. As per the FSSAI approvals, we cater to the safety rules and regulations and maintain a total hygienic atmosphere while preparing tea powder. Our tea is also checked in outside labs as well. We take extra care while packing them so that the freshness reaches directly to the cup of your tea.  

We do not make use of any artificial flavor or harmful chemicals and process 100% organic tea dust which is safe to use. You can either consume it black or mix it with milk, which is commonly used. CTC black tea is an established brand all over the world and you will be amazed to know that it is available at a reasonable price. Yethai’s Nilgiri tea has various health benefits. Use it regularly to freshen up your day and gift the best Nilgiri CTC tea to your loved ones.  

The vast majority of tea from Nilgiri is machining processed (CTC production) and ends up in tea bags or being used in cheap blends. Nilgiris tea price is considered inexpensive, but seeing the benefits we derive, it is the one of best tea for health and you can buy Nilgiri tea online or in other words Ooty Tea online.

Key Characteristics

  • No chemicals or preservatives added and is 100% natural.
  • Follows rules and regulations as per FSSAI standards.
  • For tea lovers, buy Nilgiri tea online and Yethai Tea is one of the Best Nilgiri Tea supplier
  • To ensure safety, packing is done hygienically.
  • High-end packing enables to preserve taste and aroma.
  • Warming delicate feel for tea and no bitter taste.
  • Healthy for both Men and Women.
  • Buy Loose Tea, CTC Tea Dust, Nilgiri tea powder directly from the Manufacturer.
    Brewing Instructions: 
  • Heat water to around 80-90deg C with sugar 
  • Add 3/4th to 1 spoon of this Tea
  • Let it boil for 2-3 minutes
  • Add milk (if required)
  • Strain it with a strainer, Fill your cup and Enjoy the Tea