Why is Darjeeling Tea so famous?

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Why is Darjeeling Tea so famous?

Grown in the Northern hills of Bengal, the Darjeeling tea is known across the world for its intense aroma and 'musky, spicy' flavour. Since its origin in mid-1840, Darjeeling tea has been widely grown in Kalimpong district of West Bengal, India. The chief product is black tea, with very suitable varieties like green white and oolong teas. Depending upon the flush and its grade of produce, Darjeeling tea price ranges from Rs. 150 per kg to Rs. 2500 per kg.


What is the Story behind Tea?

Tea is a beverage commonly consumed for its aroma and flavour. Its caffeine content provides a stimulating effect, making it the widest consumed beverage in the world. Originating in China and North-West India, tea is made by pouring hot or boiling water over fresh or cured tea leaves, called Camellia Sinensis.


The Beauty of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of India's most popular tourist destinations, located in the lesser Himalaya regions of West Bengal. Elevated at 2000 metres, Darjeeling is famous for its tea estate and the view of Kanchenjunga. Being set up in the early 19th century, the town is a beautiful scape of evergreen, conserving its own unique variety of flora and fauna. Gathering visitors from across the planet, Darjeeling is internationally acclaimed for its vast plantation of tea.


Why is Darjeeling Tea so famous?

Darjeeling tea is a renowned variety of Indian tea, exported around the world. The Indian tea leaves are handpicked by harvesters with two leaves and a bud on top across March to November with four flushes.

The first being the long, fresh leaves having an astringent flavour. The second flush is harvested after being by leafhoppers to produce a muscatel aroma distinctive to pure Darjeeling tea. The third flush consists of smaller and less flavourful tea, mostly used for blending. The autumn flush is quite similar to the second flush but is muted in flavour and aroma.

This tea is grown, harvested and processed in Indian tea houses of Darjeeling before being exported. Apart from these, Darjeeling tea for sale is available in as green tea, white tea and oolong tea.


Why is Darjeeling ideal for Tea Plantation?

Located in the foothills of Himalaya, Darjeeling soil has a sandstone composition, which is well-drained and deep. Plants with long roots can anchor themselves to the slope. It has subtropical weather with wet temperate forest, having cool weather with persistent clouds and foggy condition. The soil is slightly acidic, and the atmosphere is periodically dormant, having limited access to sunshine.


What is Darjeeling Oolong Tea?

Oolong, meaning the black dragon, is a traditional Chinese semi-oxidized tea produced by withering the tea plant under the sun and then curling and twisting it. Specialized cultivators are needed to produce high-quality Oolong Tea and its variations. According to the degree of oxidation and duration, Oolong Tea ranges from green to dark brown in colour. It consists of various beneficial elements like theanine, an amino acid which produces a relaxing effect.

Darjeeling tea leaves consist of caffeine and various antioxidants contributing to many of its health benefits. Darjeeling Oolong tea is popularly known for its multiple benefits for brain, bone, heart and dental health. It boosts your metabolism and decreases the risk of developing diabetes type 2.


How is Darjeeling Tea Priced?

The cost of Darjeeling tea depends upon its grade, flush and cultivated variety. It is mostly made for export. It has also fetched a whopping $850 and is India's first GIP (Protected Geographical Identification) product.

Best quality Darjeeling tea can be purchased in tea bags from grocery stores or various tea shops online. It is very aromatic, yet if kept exposed for a long time, the best Darjeeling tea will lose its aroma. It is sensitive to direct light and humidity; hence it is best to keep the tea in any sealed container.


Where to Buy Authentic Darjeeling Tea?

There are numerous Darjeeling tea suppliers today, but it is crucial to identify a pure and authentic vendor. Due to its high demand, it is difficult to find original Darjeeling tea readily available in the market. Suppose you want to buy Indian tea online or Darjeeling loose leaf tea. In that case, many Indian tea companies offer authentic first flushes too.

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Buying Darjeeling Tea Online

Experience the Darjeeling tea flavours sitting at your homes by buying Darjeeling tea online. You can buy Darjeeling tea powder in bulk as well as in minimal quantities as desired.

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