Green Tea for Anxiety and Depression

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Green Tea for Anxiety and Depression

Life today is fast-paced! This precipitous speed in life has also led to a number of lifestyle health problems that include depression, stress, anxiety and many such unhealthy emotions. Anxiety though considered to be an emotion that is normal and   healthy, can be a disorder when  the  feeling of anxiety becomes frequent, intense, with inconsistency in the level of anxiety felt, In such conditions, anxiety becomes a disorder that calls for urgent medical attention and treatment.

Understanding anxiety is necessary for family members to identify the condition in a person. The changes in behavioral patterns, emotional upheavals and some physical symptoms are some of the ways in which anxiety in a person can be identified. It has been found that women seem to be more affected by anxiety and depression than men. There are many ways in which anxiety can be treated and some of the ways include medication that is often administered to patients suffering from anxiety and Psychotherapy, which typically includes counselling and psychological therapy.

Apart from medications and psychotherapy, there are many natural ways to get relief from anxiety. There are many home remedies for   anxiety and one of the most effective is drinking Green Tea: An amino acid, L-thiamine, is found in abundance in green tea, is known to reduce the anxiety and stress levels. Besides, it also helps to increase the ability to focus, especially in people who consume it consistently. This cup full of well –being can also be effective for normal people without anxiety problems, just to keep them healthy. Added to it is that though green relaxes, it does so without inducing any drowsy or lethargic feeling.

So, how does Green Tea help in anxiety relief?  

Green tea is a storehouse of natural antioxidants which is very efficient in body cleansing and enriching the body with highly valuable vitamins.  Due to the process of fermentation done gently and slowly, the flavonoids present in Green tea helps to destroy the cell damaging radicals. Moreover, Green tea is free of caffeine and hence it is highly suitable to consume towards making the body healthy.

Green tea, apart from helping to reduce stress and depression is also a great drink that helps in weight loss, enhance dental health and lowers other lifestyle ailments like cholesterol and Blood pressure.   

Fight the causes of anxiety like stress with just half -a –cup of that calming Green tea every day can do wonders to those taut and tense nerves and make them free of stress and strain.

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