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Green Tea has become a major healthy drink in all major diet regimes today. The concept of introducing Green Tea diet as a step towards a healthier life is something that we are all well-versed by now. Green Tea is quickly replacing our regular Tea since the last few years with its new name as the ‘slimming Tea’. But while most of us follow the trend not asking why; many are there who consider this as a passing fad.

The Green Tea is a product of the 'Camellia Sinensis' leaves and buds with a subtle scent and slightly buttery hint. The extent of oxidisation in Green Tea is less, allowing its main ingredient- polyphenol to remain active and provide many health benefits. The Green Tea antioxidants reduces the levels of inflammation in the body, takes care of free cancer-causing radicles in the body, and provides anxiety relief due of the presence of caffeine. This fat burning Tea contains Polyphenols that maintains blood sugar levels, causes weight loss and act as a superfood in protecting and enhancing the immune system of an individual. It also helps in prevention of Diabetes. Simultaneously, the Green Tea catechins and Green Tea vitamins provides protection from new-age illness like Parkinson's Alzheimer's and many more major cardiovascular diseases making it the best health drink for adults.

Product description:

Yethai Tea is completely dedicated to making only the best quality Green Tea from Assam, for you as we understand the overwhelming pressure to keep fit and fine these days. Thus, the pure Green Tea blend offered by us is a result of only two handpicked Green Tea leaves and the tender bud processed into the form of loose Green Tea. The tender buds of Green Tea contain a maximum level of antioxidants helpful for the body as compared to the leaves. It is then processed it in a way to retain its maximum benefits providing you with a chance at a better life. We offer the best Green Tea online and believe in transparency and relationships that allow us to compete with top Green Tea brands in the market but deliver a better version time and again.

Key characteristics:

  • Completely natural and devoid of chemicals. It is one of the best organic Green Tea
  • Because we can guarantee its purity, it can be consumed by children, and adults alike
  • We believe in appeal too and hence our packaging is neat and safe that retains the Tea's aroma and texture perfectly
  • The best part about this Tea is its buttery taste with no bitter taste at the end indicating a quality of original Green Tea
  • The Tea is sold in small brittle leaf bits with a heightened aroma indicating its genuine nature along with a granular texture and feel to it.
  • Our Green Tea powder is not flavoured to hide the real taste and because of its many benefits it’s also considered one of the most preferred women health drink.
  • One of the Best Green Tea for weight loss
  • For the people who drink Green Tea with lemon and honey, this is the best Tea since it is not bitter in taste
  • A perfect gift for Green Tea lovers

 Worried about Green Tea price? Our packages are priced at below Rs. 200, which is much fairer as compared to some of the Tea blends in the market because we believe that, 'Not everything of the best quality should come at a cost'. Thus, with a blend of the purest of Green Tea and a lucrative price, we know it's difficult to turn us down.


Brewing Instructions:

Boil water and remove it from the flame. Add quarter spoon of Green Tea and allow it to steep for 2-3 minutes. Strain it and serve it hot


How to drink Green Tea?

  • Do not drink in empty stomach
  • Drink 3-5 cups a day
  • Drink Green Tea after every meal

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