Yethai Chamomile Green Dip Tea Bags, 30 Tea Bags-60g | Tea from Assam | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Green Tea Powder | Easy to use and Carry

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Chamomile Green tea is one of the best Organic Green Tea with no chemicals. It is obtained from the chamomile flowers, which is known to serve as an herb in various medicines. Many people have switched their regular Tea with Chamomile Tea for achieving great health benefits such as relaxing nerves, better blood circulation and healthy sleeping. It is also used as a powerful medicine to treat digestive issues like stomach cramps, constipation and menstrual cramps as well.

Chamomile Herbal Tea is also known as an herbal tonic that has the power to treat several health concerns. This Tea is a blend of Chamomile and natural Premium Green Tea. It gives you a fruity yet amazing flavor. If you are looking for a remedy that boosts mental activity and relax stress, then this green tea diet must be in your daily fitness regime. This contains major chemicals like apigenin and alpha-bisabolol, which are perfect to fight with cancer cells and boost the immunity of a person to fight with dangerous health issues. To stay healthy and free from stress.. Yethai Chamomile tea is the best green tea brand to meet your objective of drinking this.


Product description

Yethai Chamomile Green Tea Powder is unique in its way. This is made with natural and fresh chamomile flowers that offer you refreshing and best flavor than natural Green Tea. The manufactures have packed this Tea carefully so that every sip will prove the best for you.

It is caffeine-free, side effects free, and a super healthy diet that everyone should use, except the pregnant women. It is yet another type of Green Tea that usually good to promote sleep and overall wellbeing of a person. Just tap the order button now and buy green tea online!


Key characteristics

  • It is a 100% safe, natural, and clinically proven beverage.
  • Packed with proper hygiene standards.
  • Good for skin, heart, and hair.
  • It has no side effects
  • Its light sugary taste makes your tongue happy
  • You can make it both iced and hot tea