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When it comes to delicate aromatic flavored beverages, tea receives a promising response. Especially in areas native to China and India where Camellia Sinensis is widely grown, different types of teas receive a great response. One such tea is White tea.

But what is white tea? White tea or silver needle tea is less common yet one of the best tea known for its ecstatic flavor and aromatic texture. It’s significant to note that white tea a different from green tea and is backed by a wide range of health benefits. The color of the tea depends on the oxidation process it goes through. And thus, premium quality best white tea which are produced from buds and tender leaves is minimally oxidized.

Numerous aspects make silver needle white tea precious and popular. The reasons that make it popular is that they are manufactured with tea buds that are covered with white hair. These buds are packed with numerous nutritive benefits. These white leaves are handpicked by manufacturers and then processed to envelop most of the benefits. It is one of the reasons that has raised the bar of white tea price.

The reason behind the expensiveness of the white tea is the production amount. The tea is produced from the buds only which are less in production compared to the leaves. Besides, tender leaves can also be used for manufacturing this tea. An ideal white tea supplier like Yethai Tea will ensure tender leaves and healthy buds for the manufacturing process and thus makes it unique yet expensive.


Product Description

When it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality premium golden tip tea or white tea, there are very few manufacturers who can beat Yethai Tea. It offers you the best blend of white tea rich in all the nutrients making it the best beverage you can consume. The premium quality buds are very tender leaves are carefully plucked and passed to processing with appropriate quality checks. The withering and drying processes are also involved in the entire chain to ensure perfectly aromatic golden tips.

Yethai Tea, the white tea wholesaler, makes sure that the buds are protected against environmental concerns and are free from all the forthcoming side effects to the user. The final white tea blend is soft, natural, and delicate, offering you ecstatic taste and aroma that you can’t resist.

 Yethai Tea is among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Darjeeling white tea and has been in the domain for a long time. With years of expertise in processing white tea, Yethai Tea ensures a 100% hygienic and secure environment during the manufacturing process.

Yethai tea understands the importance of your expenses and your demand for quality and therefore offers you white tea at an affordable price. The white tea leaves go through thorough procedures to ensure the utmost benefits. Yethai tea supplies white tea as loose leaf white tea and in white tea bags for the convenience of consumers. One of the best white tea online!


Advantages of White Tea

  • Rich in antioxidants and thus help eradicate radical cell damage and alleviate heart diseases.
  • Beneficial in increasing metabolism and thus help reduce weight.
  • It helps regulate insulin levels and thus decreases the risk of diabetes.
  • The antioxidant-rich properties support anti-aging.
  • The antibacterial actions of the white tea help prevent teeth from bacterial attack.


Key Characteristics

  • A natural beverage offers a myriad of health benefits suitable for both men and women.
  • Packed in 100% hygienic environments that help attain complete health benefits to the user.
  • The strong and delicate aromatic flavor gives a pleasing taste.
  • Perfect to drink without milk as green tea and attain optimal health benefits.


Brewing Instructions

  • Boil the water in a pot and then pour it into a cup.
  • Dip the Darjeeling White Tea Bag in the cup.
  • Serve hot and enjoy the mild-tasting Tea.
  • You can add honey or sugar if required.