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Why become slim? And why does weight matter so much that you need to control it. Well, there are many reasons for it like some wish to look beautiful while some have health concerns. Excessive weight gain has turned out to be a big matter of concern for more than half of the population. Excess fat gain not only makes you uncomfortable but is also associated with long-term and severe health issues. In such times the use of slimming tea can be beneficial.

If you are facing overweight issues, your next question would be, “How to become slim?”. Being overweight is just associated with the excessive accumulation of fat in the body and you need to burn this excess fat from your body to become slim. There are various methods like regular exercise or yoga, healthy workouts, stipulated diet, use of green tea for fat burning, etc. to control and regulate your weight.

Besides, healthy eating, drinking practices are also beneficial.  Hence, Yethai tea manufactures slimming tea which enhances the weight loss properties of green tea by blending appropriate herbs that are effective in weight loss.


Product Description

Yethai Tea has been dealing with the manufacturing of a wide range of herbal and natural tea to aid you with a soothing experience. It manufactures the best green tea for weight loss with a range of exotic ingredients that help strengthen the metabolic rate of the body. But,  what are the ingredients of herbal slimming tea, and how does each ingredient helps in weight loss?

Yethai's slimming dip tea is the best tea for weight loss. The natural ingredients in this Herbal Green Tea are

Premium Green Tea: Very popular drink for slimming

Garcinia Cambogia: Is a fruit which helps in weight loss. The hydroxycitric acid present in it helps to achieve the objective of slimming

Lemongrass: Used in medicinal application for curing digestive issues. If digestive issues are solved, most of the health issues gets solved

Tulsi: One of the natural immunity booster. It aids in the journey of weight loss

Cinnamon: Widely known for blood pressure management. Managing the BP within limit is very much required during weight loss

Ginger: Helps in digestion, controlling diabetes which is required while loosing weight

Coleus: Helps in controlling bronchitis and asthma

Triphala: Helps in weight loss and controlling cholesterol

Turmeric: Helps to have a good digestion and respiration


As you have read above, all the ingredients helps directly and indirectly for weight loss

Green tea for fat burning with these ingredients helps in breaking down food and thus helps in fat cutting resulting in the best detox tea for slimming.

Yethai Tea offers a combination of herbal tea and green tea to aid you with the benefits of both. This tea can help you attain green tea weight loss in 1 month by improving your metabolic rate and reducing the negative effects of free radicals with the help of antioxidants.

Slimming green tea is a perfect companion for your after diet refreshments to start acting immediately and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. This Yethai Tea is the best fat-burning tea with great and effective results.

Besides, Yethai tea, for the convenience of customers manufactures slimming tea in dip tea bags Each dip tea bag is packed in a separate envelope for food safety and one-time use!


Key Characteristics

  • Green tea for fat burning is the best replacement for your high-calorie diet.
  • The use of green tea for weight loss is great for regulating your Body Mass Index and helping you attain a comfortable and healthy diet.
  • It is the best tea for weight loss as it promotes natural weight loss without any use of artificial compounds.
  • The tea has a mildly sweet and soothing taste that is not at all bitter. Means you get to experience healthy weight loss with a soothing aromatic flavor.
  • It is ideal for both men and women.
  • The rich antioxidants in this herbal slimming tea are healthy and effective for everyone.


Brewing Instructions

  • Boil water and allow it to get to the 80-90°C
  • Pour the water into the cup and allow it to cool for 30-40 seconds.
  • Then add a dip tea bag of Yethai's slimming tea and let it sit for a minute or two
  • Serve hot without any dairy or sweetener for the best results.