Premium Dust Black Tea | Loose Leaf Tea Powder from Assam and Nilgiris | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Tea Powder | CTC Tea

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Want to have strong tea but cannot find a brand that tingles your nerves?

The flavor of tea more commonly known as strength in tea comes from the level of oxidation it undergoes. Green tea, almost unoxidized has a very mild flavor and black tea maximally oxidized has the most strong taste. But to make CTC tea more and more strong means adding more and more caffeine to it. We at Yethai Tea use a special formula to make a tea that is super strong and yet healthy. We use a combination of tea leaves from different gardens to produce unmatchable taste, color, and aroma.

Product Description

Yethai’s Premium CTC dust tea is made with a mix of Assam first flush tea leaves and Nilgiri black tea especially for our customers who crave for an awesome ‘kadak chai’. Nilgiri tea leaves are known to produce an exhilarating aroma while Assam dust tea in the blend gives a perfect color to the tea and the mixture offers a taste, unmatched in the market. We use a specific ratio of tea leaves plucked from various tea gardens that give Yethai’s premium dust black tea a unique taste. We maintain impeccable hygiene to ensure safety with FSSAI approvals and get the tea checked in external labs as well. We use 100% organic tea dust and add none of the artificial flavors or harmful chemicals. You can brew it with milk, which is the popular use or consume it black. Even after being an established brand, our CTC black tea is priced reasonably in the market. Grab a pack now because Yethai’s premium black tea powderis a must in your tea pantry for regular use.

Key Characteristics

  • 100% natural, No chemicals or added flavors.
  • Hygienic packing to ensure safety and preserve taste & aroma.
  • Compliant to FSSAI standards.
  • Has delicate warming feel to it and does not leave a bitter taste.
  • Look: CTC Tea Dust, Loose Tea
  • Good for Women and Men

Brewing Instructions:

  • Heat water to around 80-90deg C with sugar 
  • Add 3/4th to 1 spoon of this Tea
  • Allow it to brew for 2-3 min
  • Add milk (if required)
  • Strain it with a strainer, Fill your cup and Enjoy the Tea