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When drinking the lemon ginger tea, the individual consuming it gets a double benefit as both ginger and lemon are reservoirs of health gains. Moreover, with many people today becoming health conscious, it has become a habit to gulp down the healthy drink before bedtime and the most popular choice of a bedtime drink is the ginger lemon tea. Besides being a health drink, both ginger and lemon are found in many varieties therefore, a number of different flavors thereby providing the best   best tea flavors  


Product Description:

Basically, lemon, as an edible fruit, is highly nutritious and nourishing once consumed. Ginger too as a medicinal herb, has a host of health benefits that can be listed. Therefore, one can easily imagine the nutritive benefits that both provide when blended together. Both ginger and lemon, separately or together can be consumed on a daily basis. That is why it is sensible to consume both blended and brewed to a tea. The ginger lemon tea not only provides a hassle free process when making it, but also it is extremely tasty and tangy to consume.


Key Characteristics:

Being a perfect blend of ginger and lemon, the flavored tea is just the drink one needs to relax after a long hard day’s work. Drinking a cup of the best milk tea flavor  brew can help in easing out those taut nerves. Some of the other significant characteristics of the lemon and ginger tea are:


Pacifies discomfort caused by Indigestion: It would be really soothing to drink a cup of ginger lemon tea after a heavy dinner. The bloated feeling is definitely alleviated and the risk of indigestion is lessened. Ginger has always been known to be used in the making of herbal medicines, especially for stomach related problems. Lemon, containing the plant compound known as “limonene” helps in easing the discomfort in the digestive tract.


A Great Remedy for Nausea: One of most grandmother’s common remedy for nausea brought about by many causes that range from pregnancy to cancer treatment, ginger has been used as a medicine for generations. Today it potential as an anti-nausea remedy has been recognized and is even found to be helpful in calming the effect of chemotherapy which brings about   nausea. The prime substance present in ginger that has an anti-nausea effect is gingerol which is a plant compound.


Eases Nasal Congestion: Drinking the hot ginger lemon tea helps in the opening up of the nasal cavities, and clearing the stuffiness making it easy to breathe. Moreover, any kind of buildup of mucus in sinus area is easily hindered with the hot ginger lemon tea.


Anti – Inflammatory Properties:  In some cuisines of the world, ginger is said to be a regular ingredient and the reason is that it has anti –inflammatory properties. However, scientific research is yet to prove it, but ginger continues to be used as an anti-inflammatory herb in most homes as a natural remedy for inflammation.


Hydrating Effects:  The lemon ginger tea has a highly hydrating effect, as it can be consumed not only at bedtime, but whenever you want to drink it. So the end result is that, a substantial volume of water is consumed which helps the body to remain hydrated, which in turn keeps vital organs of the body healthy.


It may be noted here that ginger and lemon tea is not any form of medicine but both are ingredients that have plant compounds of medicinal values, so there are recognized as having curative properties.


One of the benefits of the modern age is that today everything is available in readymade packets and so are the various forms of the ginger lemon tea. Available in a variety of flavors, the flavored black tea is ready in minutes. All one needs to do is empty out the powder in the packet into a cup and pour hot boiling water into it. Lo and Behold! your hot, soothing cup of nourishing drink is ready. Drink it hot or drink it cold, both are just as soothing and effective for your body’s health.


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Brewing Instruction:

  • Heat Water
  • Add half spoon to one spoon of this Lemon Ginger Tea
  • Add sugar, if required
  • Strain and serve it hot