Joint Pain Relieving Dip Tea, 30 Tea Bags-60g | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Green Tea Powder with Herbs

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Your body is the only place where you reside for a lifetime. And any discomfort in the body is a huge matter of concern. Joint pain is one of the most common discomforts found in adults of varied ages and extreme cases, affects children as well. Today, almost one-fourth of the world is struggling with arthritis in the hands and knees arthritis. Further, it becomes worst with the weight of the body. It makes your body vulnerable and your joints weak. And thus, knee pain and pain in other joints are more common.

There are no precise means to measure the intensity of the ankle pain or the wrist pain caused due to arthritis. But it is often seen it hits hard on women. But, why is it so? Women suffer from the unbearable physical torment of different physical cycles, labor and external exertion of household work. It makes their bones internally weak and triggers their deteriorating process resulting in the symptoms of arthritis and other joint pain. So what can you do to keep your bones healthy? Numerous natural herbs are used for knee pain relief. Yethai Tea has come up with a unique blend of these herbs that can be used as natural ways to get rid of joint pain in the form of Joint Pain Relieving Dip Tea.


Product Description

Ayurveda is enriched with numerous herbs and natural remedies for almost every disease that has ever come into existence. Humans are born from nature and thus nature has the power to heal everything with its unique and magical touch. A wide range of herbs tends to relieve the pain caused due to arthritis and further strengthen the bones to the core. Keeping this concept in mind, Yethai Tea has come up with an innovative blend of natural herbs in Pure green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help prevent oxidative cell damage and further help in the well-being of the body.

And hence, this Joint Pain Relieving Dip Tea can be a herbal remedy to attain arthritis pain relief. It is a natural remedy that can help alleviate joint pain, knee pain, and pain in the ankles caused due to weak bones. A quality rich green tea blended with natural herbs can rejuvenate your body and help overcome the joint pain. The fact that makes it stand out from other arthritis pain-relieving products is that it doesn’t contain any synthetic products which often lead to side effects making it perfect for joint pain relief. The unique blend of ingredients in Yethai's Joint Pain Relieving Dip Tea is listed below. 



Premium Green Tea

The anti-inflammatory action of green tea helps relieve the soreness and inflammation in the joints and thus relieve joint pain. 


It has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the pain and give better results when compared to placebo treatments.


Tulsi is a natural herb with tremendous health benefits. Its antioxidant-rich properties help reduce oxidative cell damage and further help in preventing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.


Due to its effective properties, it is used in combination with other herbs to alleviate the risk of painful inflammation and painful conditions. 


It has the highest antioxidant properties that help prevent the risk of arthritis. Further, it also helps strengthen the bones by increasing vitamin and mineral supply to the bones.


Brewing Instructions

  • Boil the water in a pot and let it sit for a minute or two.
  • Pour the water into a cup and add the Joint Pain Relieving Dip Teabag to it.
  • Let it sit for two to three minutes so the ingredients are thoroughly dissolved in the water.
  • Serve hot.
  • Use it twice or thrice daily to get effective results in your joint pain treatment.