Hotel Blend Tea | Loose Leaf Tea Powder from Assam and Nilgiris | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Tea Powder | CTC Black Tea

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Adding the perfect blend of North Indian and South Indian tea offers the perfect evening for tea lovers. Combining different teas and flavors, Hotel Blend, a good colour tea by Yethai tea is nutritious and rich in quality and taste. Being high in antioxidants, this tea works excellent for the human body's well-being. Apart, it is the tea that suits both commercial and domestic purposes.


What Is Hotel Blend Tea?

Packed with delicious and robust tea, Hotel Blend Tea captures the real taste of tea. Its blend is experimented with by experts to make sure that it meets the requirements of all tea lovers. Truly refreshing taste having a great aroma gives the unique feel of solid and good tea from India.

Tea blending is a pretty straightforward process to put various teas together and combine all their characteristics to have a final product. Experts behind blending tea leaves aim to attain excellent taste tea with a fantastic aroma, flavor, and fragrance.

Besides being a fragile plant, tea usually has the potential to receive any aroma that works against it during the manufacturing procedure. Therefore, tea for commercial purposes and domestic usage of different flavors are blended to give a touch of the authentic taste of tea, making it nutritious and healthy.


How Hotel Blend Tea Becomes Beneficial For The Betterment Of Health?

As a fusion of different teas with different tastes and characteristics, hotel blend tea offers an exceptional taste and helps in achieving effective health effects. Balancing nutrition from teas having a distinct origin, this good taste tea also has benefits along -

Enhancing The Skin Glow

A combination of herbs helps rejuvenate the skin and makes it glow more. Besides, it also improves attention and concentration. On top of it, nutritious tea helps prevent cancer and acts as a healing agent with the help of the blend added to the mix.

Release Accumulations

Much more refreshing and thirst-quenching, Hotel Blend tea brings the combination of exotic variety that is useful for eliminating cellulite and stimulates the functioning of kidneys. Moreover, it also facilitates proper digestion efficiently.

Give A Refreshing Relaxation

Over and above, there is an exciting feature that these Hotel blend tea contains. The good part is its rich aroma that lifts senses offering calm and refreshing relaxation after such a long day of stress. Infusions in this good taste tea are on the right track due to varieties having health benefits.

Infused with flavors from different leaves, this blend of Tea by Yethai Tea is famous as a caffeine-free beverage working well for well-being.


Summing Up

To have the pleasure of unlimited blend with excellent flavor and taste, let Hotel blend tea run to your throat, giving perfect evening leisure. You can treat your heart, thoughts, and taste buds with the Hotel Blend milk tea to have great relief after a stressful working day.


Brewing Instructions:

  • Heat water to around 80-90deg C with sugar 
  • Add half a spoon to one spoon of this Tea based on the strength you require
  • Allow it to brew for 2-3 min
  • Add milk (if required)
  • Strain it with a strainer, Fill your cup and Enjoy the Tea