Hotel Blend Dip Tea ,30 Tea Bags – 60gms | High Quality Blended Tea Powder from Nilgiris and Assam | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Tea Powder Sachets

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Starting the day with a hot and refreshing cup of tea is the first thing most of the population in India looks forward to! A brewing hot cup with good taste dip tea can add refreshing and energetic strength to your routine. The fact that is responsible for this refreshing energy is the strength of the tea. Assam tea and other tea types of India are popular for delivering robust strength along with an exotic aroma to steaming hot tea.

Tea in India is categorized into numerous types. Starting from organic tea to dust tea and green tea to masala tea, Yethai Tea offers an exotic range of good color dip tea. The color of the tea decides the aroma of the tea and its strength. Yethai Tea offers organic tea that is free from all the chemicals and additives and gives you a luscious taste with an enticing aroma and great color. The hotel blend tea by Yethai Tea comes in tea bags for hotels to ensure a convenient customer experience without jeopardizing the quality of the tea.


Product Description

Every tea lover craves the exotic taste and aromatic flavor. Yethai Tea brings in the explicit taste and aroma to you with good taste dip tea in the form of hotel blend dip tea. It is a good color dip tea that is formulated by the expert team of tea blending specialists with a proportionate range of natural tea leaves especially handpicked from Assam and the South of India. This hotel blend tea is a perfect match for domestic use as well as hotel use due to its impeccable aromatic flavor.

The hotel blend tea by Yethai Tea is a 100% organically grown and processed tea with no additives, or colorants. These tea sachets are handcrafted to ensure that the aroma and flavor of the tea remain intact. These tea bags are perfect for tea bags for office use as they satisfy all the aroma and taste standards matching everyone's expectations.

These tea bags for domestic use can give you an exhilarating experience as it is made by blending different favors to match the authentic taste of good taste dip tea. Besides, these tea sachets are packed with the natural nutrients of tea which remain intact even after processing.


Key Characteristics

  • Hotel blend dip tea is rich in antioxidants which help overcome the radical free damage.
  • The tea bags of hotel blend tea are carefully packed to ensure an even supply of nutritive content.
  • It is perfect for enhancing the skin glow and adding more radiance to the skin by helping eradicate the dead skin cells of the skin.
  • The natural and effective blend help attain greater health benefits.
  • It is free from all synthetic compounds and colorants and thus free from their harmful side effects.
  • Suitable for everyone, especially for domestic and office use.


Brewing Instructions

  1. Heat the water and let it come to a boil.
  2. Further, pour the hot water into a cup and add a tea sachet of hotel blend tea in it.
  3. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Stir the tea.
  4. You can add any sweetener like sugar or jaggery along with milk or cream.
  5. Stir it and serve hot.