Flat Tummy Dip Tea , 30 Tea Bags - 60 gms | Herbal Green Tea | Detox Tea for Flat Belly | For Men and Women | No Chemicals | 100% Natural

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A slender physique is what many of you dream of it! A flat tummy with less fat can help you look stunning and stylish and fit into all your favorite pairs of clothes comfortably. But, in today’s lifestyle where most of the work is performed on computer desks, maintaining a perfect physique and a flat tummy has become next to impossible. But, Yethai tea has found the solution to this issue in the form of health tea to attain a flat stomach!

Obesity and fat saturation around the belly are among the major factors that have affected the healthy lifestyle of humans. But what are the best ways to lose weight in the tummy? Continue exercises, practice yoga, eat a healthy diet, cut fat from your diet and detox tea for a flat belly can help you attain a perfectly slender tummy. Implementing these practices can help you attain a healthy lifestyle and a slim tummy.


Product Description

Yethai tea manufactures the best flat tummy tea which enhances the weight loss properties of green tea by blending appropriate herbs in green tea. Herbal green tea is packed with natural ingredients and antioxidants that help improve the natural metabolism of the body and help attain a sleek belly and physique. This Slimming herb tea helps in breaking down the food into smaller portions trigging the natural metabolic processes and thus acts as the natural fat cutter.

When it comes to weight loss drinks nothing can beat this best detox tea as it contains a natural combination of premium green tea and other numerous herbs. Yethai tea, for the convenience of customers, manufactures slimming tea in dip tea bags. Flat stomach tea makes the preparation of green tea detox simpler aiding in the effective results. Each flat tummy drink dip tea bag is packed in an envelope for food safety and to ensure a 100% hygienic environment.


The ingredients in this Herbal Tea are

Premium Green Tea

It contains healthy bioactive compounds and antioxidants that help in attaining good health along with fat-burning properties.

Garcinia Cambogia

It has been used as a supplement for tea as it helps reduce cholesterol, appetite and thus supporting healthy and natural weight loss.


It is effective in lowering cholesterol levels naturally and targets any infections in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps relieve bloating.


Tulsi is extremely beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels helping cut the excess fat. Besides, it also promotes heart health.


It has anti-inflammatory properties and also supports healthy weight management.


It helps in numerous forms like maintaining cardiovascular health and blood pressure. Also, it helps manage weight and normal blood sugar levels.


Coleus has numerous benefits which include the treatment of arthritis, and asthma and is also effective in treating symptoms of insomnia.


It helps in detoxifying your body and helps remove disease-causing toxins from your body. Besides, Triphala in tea helps improve digestion


It is an ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries. Turmeric in tea helps boost immune function and reduce cardiovascular issues.

All these ingredients are blended in the right proportions suggested and rectified by the professionals to ensure you optimal benefits of slimming herb tea.


Brewing Instructions

  • Boil the water and let it cool for a minute.
  • Pour the water into a cup and add Yethai's Flat Tummy Dip Tea and let it sit for two-three minutes
  • Serve hot
  • Avoid using any sweetener or dairy for best results.