Energy Boosting Green Tea,100 GMS (Min. 70 Cups) | Loose Leaf Tea | No Chemicals | Herbal Green Tea | Blend of Premium Green Tea with Rich Herbs of India | For Men and Women

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Both men and women get tired and exhausted after a day’s hard work. Indulging ourselves in day’s hard work is the main cause of tiredness at home or work. How healthy it would be if there are natural remedies for fatigue and depression? Natural remedies will enable you to overcome the stress, tiredness, and keep you accomplishing your day to day activities smoothly. Some various medicines and drugs might make us active and energetic. But as soon as the effect of these chemicals in our body is reduced, we feel tired. During a stressful period, we should try our best to use the best energy drink which would be free from sugar and chemicals. Try to use the natural ways to improve energy.


Product Description :

Yethai’s Energy Booster Tea is made from a special blend of ingredients that adds to boost the energy levels naturally in the body. Manufactured by one of the best green tea company in the globe, Yethai’s Green tea is considered by many consumers as one of the best green tea brand. This Green tea powder from Assam keeps you fresh and fit by maintaining a healthy body. You can buy this organic green tea online and gift it to your friends and relatives. Besides you too can consume it daily as it is one of the organic energy drink.

Many of us drink caffeine, sugar, steroids and other chemicals to keep ourselves active and energetic. These drinks of course give us energy for a short period. But later this leads to damage to our body and we may be prone to various diseases.

This Energy Boosting Green Tea blended with right herbs and spices by Ayurveda experts will overcome the stress, tiredness, and keep you accomplishing your day to day activities smoothly. Since these drinks are free from sugar, it is good for the body and is a natural remedy for fatigue and depression.

This energy drink is also a natural remedy for tiredness and helps to revitalize your body.  By drinking this drink, the adults and children at home can maintain good health.

The ingredients Green Tea, Lemongrass, Mint helps the body to refresh

Since years of our service in this field, we have our loyal customer who has recommended our energy booster drink to others. It does not burn a hole in your pocket and is available at a cheap price of only Rs 2.50 a cup. This is one of the best energy booster drinks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yethai’s Energy Booster Tea is taken by people who work for a long time in office, who work for long hours physically, to keep active and is considered a good energy drink for kids who sit and read for a long time. It is also recommended an excellent booster for people who run and indulge in doing regular exercises.

Keep a stock of our energy-boosting tea so that you can use is as per your liking whenever you wish to. A pack of pure green tea is readily available at a cost of less than Rs. 300 which will last for more than a month. Since it is the best health drink, you can use it for personal use or gift it to children, adults, and friends.

Relieve yourself from body inflammation, stress, tiredness, nausea, anxiety, indigestion, and various other problems by regularly drinking Yethai’s energy booster tea.


Key Characteristics :

  • No chemicals and preservatives included in the tea. 100% natural. Healthy drink for both men and women.
  • Unflavoured, Pure Green Tea blended with rich herbs and spice in right proposition by Experts
  • The healthy energy drink has a delicate warm feel and does not have a bitter taste.
  • Recommended by Our Regular Customers as one of the best women health drink.
  • Tea is hygienically packed and we ensure safety and preserve fresh taste.



Premium Green Tea, Lemongrass, Mint, Ashwagandha

These are blended at right proposition by Experts to enhance the benefit of Green Tea and provide you Instant Energy for your whole family


How to use this Tea? 

  • Drink 2 or 3 cups daily
  • Intake of Herbal Tea after 30min to 1 hour following meal is advisable
  • Do not take in  empty stomach 


How to prepare this Tea: 

  • Boil water and allow it to cool for a minute
  • Add quarter to half Tea spoon of Yethai Herbal Green Tea (Energy Boosting Tea) 
  • Strain, if required and Serve it hot 


When to drink this Tea?
After half an hour or one hour following your meal 


What is the advantage of having this Tea regularly? 

  • It boosts the energy level in your body and keeps you fresh
  • It helps you to work / study for a long time without tiredness 


Who can use this Tea? 

Ideal for Men, Women and Children


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Watch this video to understand how to prepare this Tea and when to drink it