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Elaichi tea adds a flavor and refreshing element to your refreshment drink. Elaichi, called 'cardamom,' plays a vital role in our life, bringing lots of widespread benefits as 'Queen of spices.' Cardamom is a famous term among tea lovers who want sweet, peppery, pungent, refreshing, and soothing tea with spices.

Obtained from crushed seeds of different plants in Amomum genera and Elettaria, cardamom tea is produced in various parts of the world. Cardamom tea is mainly an aromatic, strong, stress-relieving drink with fantastic benefits. It acts as an herbal medicine in sore throat, cough, stress, digestion and many more. Besides, it also lends a sweet flavor and taste coming under the aromatic plants' category.

Apart from Indian cuisine, cardamom tea has some medicinal properties too. You can call cardamom the primary ingredient in chai masala tea which is recognized easily even in blends with other ingredients. It is no surprise that this spice is native to India, belonging to the same botanical family as ginger and turmeric. Keeping all these benefits in mind, Yethai tea brings you one of the unique and exotic flavored Elaichi tea to you.


Benefits Of Elaichi

Intaking Elaichi regularly welcomes lots of benefits to your physical and mental health. Cardamom is an excellent solution for one of the most common problems of humans i.e., digestion. With its strong aroma, Cardamom helps activate the taste and sensory elements, improving digestion. Besides, it enables the enzyme secretion that results in great digestion, particularly if you have had heavy meals.


Cardamom works well in curing stomach issues such as constipation, indigestion, and acidity. It has chemicals meant to increase food movement through the intestine. It improves digestion, but Cardamom is also popular to lower high blood pressure.

One pinch of Cardamom regularly brings down the blood pressure. Also known as heart-friendly spice. Being rich in linalool, pinene, and limonene, Cardamom prevents cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels without disturbing HDL levels.

Packed with antioxidants, cardamoms help cure cold coughs and some respiratory issues. The best part of Cardamom has cancer-fighting compounds. This spice increases the potential of natural killer cells to attack tumors. Cardamom contains some compounds that help to stop tumor growth.

Elaichi tea works excellent in stimulating activities, improving circulation, and increasing the iron content. With the enhancement of red blood cells, skin oxygenation and other organ system improve more, boosting the overall health.

All in all, cardamom tea has been advisable for everything such as arthritis, headaches, chronic pains or even injury recovery. Cardamom tea has anti-inflammatory properties, whether you have undergone surgery or face an upset stomach, including period cramps. It is one of the reasons why women mostly prefer cardamom tea to soothe cramp pain and ease discomfort.


Product Description

Having origination in India, Cardamom tea is prepared from the crushed seeds of the cardamom plant. Often referred to as Elaichi chai, this tea has a fragrant and varied flavor, given a robust, sweet, and floral taste. What makes it remarkable is its exotic flavor blended with other flavors.

Drinking this cardamom tea gives you taste and brings many health benefits. It is the famous refreshing drink among many women because it is the best pain reliever in their menstrual discomforts. Helpful with vomiting and nausea, cardamom tea benefits include flatulence relief from stress, improves digestion, enhance better heart health, and result in better circulation.

Besides, Cardamom tea is also known as a detoxifier, particularly for excess caffeine usage. The best use of this tea is to fight and prevent cancer growth. Like masala tea, cardamom tea is also a traditional Ayurvedic medicine staple. Thinking about all these benefits, Yethai tea proposed the finest cardamom tea.

Its anti-inflammatory feature potent antimicrobial and antiparasitic compounds help regulate gut health and offer relief in constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion issues. In simple words, Cardamom tea is made of many ingredients such as loose tea leaves, cardamom seeds, cardamom exterior green part, etc.

Key Characteristics

  • Cardamom tea has medicinal ingredients that help treat the sore throat, dry cough and excess phlegm generated by microbial infections.
  • Severe inflammation in the lungs and other associated organs can also be reduced by the effective tea called Elaichi tea. It works well in the conditions such as Asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis by activating the anti-inflammatory enzyme known as COX-inhibitors.
  • Elaichi tea accelerates weight loss by improving digestive procedures and enhancing detoxification.
  • Cardamom tea acts to prevent fat buildup that helps the liver process quickly.


How to use this Tea? 

  • Drink 2 or 3 cups daily
  • Intake of Cardamom Tea after 30min to 1 hour following meal is advisable
  • Do not take in  empty stomach 


How to prepare this Tea: 

  • Boil water and allow it to cool for a minute
  • Add quarter Tea spoon of Yethai Cardamom Tea  
  • Strain and Serve it hot 


When to drink this Tea?
After half an hour or one hour following your meal 


Who can use this Tea? 

Ideal for Men, Women and Children