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The food you eat daily is the main source of energy and nutritional content in the body. Your body breaks down the food into constituent elements and then supplies it to all parts of your body through flow. It’s often assumed that the body needs healthy digestion to ensure a healthy lifestyle. But the question is how to improve digestion naturally at home? Go through this quick guide to unleash the facts about good and healthy digestion.

Digestion is the process by which your body breaks down the food into nutrients and utilizes it to produce energy, promote growth, and support cell repair. The digestive tract is designed in such a way that it breaks nutrients into smaller parts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins which help in easy absorption of the nutrients in the blood and then supply it all across the body.

If you often suffer from issues like bloating, constipation, and sometimes vomiting, then you might have poor digestion and gas. Having poor digestion further affects your health and makes you weak as absorption of nutrients is altered. It is one of the major reasons for numerous health issues like acidity, continuous laziness, less consumption of food or extra cravings and many more. And hence to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to keep your stomach healthy and clean.


Product description:

Many dietary supplements are available that can be beneficial for your digestion. Consuming healthy and on-time meals can reduce the prospects of poor digestion and gas. If you are wondering how to improve digestion in old age then here are some effective tips.

  • Adding yogurt to your diet can help overcome digestion issues. Besides, take a protein and vitamin-rich diet daily. Include whole grains, pulses, sprouts, etc. in your diet.
  • Also, adding fruits and vegetables can help you attain the nutritive value without affecting your digestion.
  • You can also add green tea to your diet to improve digestion. Herbal green tea contains numerous antioxidants and rich herbs that promote healthy digestion.



Ayurveda had a wide range of herbs that help overcome digestion-related issues and help keep the stomach healthy and clean. All the herbs used to improve digestion have bioactive properties that help bring ease, comfort and relief to the digestive system. Some of the best herbs for digestion are

Green tea

It is rich in polyphenols that help support the digestive system. It further helps break down the food properly.


Its cooling nature is popular for supporting healthy digestion and attaining relief from gas and gastrointestinal burns.


A blend of three natural herbs that help support healthy bowel movement, gut health, body replenishment, and immunity.


An effective remedy to attain relief from nausea, constipation, and bloating. Its cooling effects help soothe the stomach.


It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain body acidity and soothe your stomach. It also helps support digestion.

Bay leaf

The organic compounds in bay leaf help soothe irritable bowel syndrome and aids relief from an upset stomach.


An ancient herb used for centuries due to its gastrointestinal benefits. It has calming effects that help maintains digestive function.

Rose petals

It helps improve digestion and its cooling effect help soothe irritable bowel and stomach burns.

Yethai tea manufactures a digestive ayurvedic tea with these ingredients. All these ingredients work together to aid synergistic benefits and help attain better digestive health. Besides, for the convenience of customers, Yethai Tea manufactures digestion problem solutions in the form of digestion tea in dip tea bags.


Brewing Instructions

  • Boil the water and pour it into the cup.
  • Dip one Digestion Enhancer Dip Tea bag and allow it to steep for a few minutes.
  • Remove the Tea bag from the cup.
  • Serve hot.