Diabetic Cure Tea | 100 gms (Min 70 cups) | Loose Leaf Tea | No chemicals | Herbal Green Tea | Fresh Green Tea Powder | For Men and Women

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Diabetes is a chronic disease which means it lasts long. It is when the body is either unable to make the insulin or effectively consume it.  Insulin in the body helps regulate blood sugar levels and hence should be maintained. There is no cure for diabetes but it can be managed.

Some common types of diabetes include type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is usually more common in children and young adults. In this case, body usually does not make insulin. This type is usually rare than type 2 diabetes mellitus. On the other hand type 2 is common, can happen in middle-aged to old people. This is when the body becomes insulin resistant.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, which can affect the quality of life. Some symptoms of diabetes include eye diseases causing blurry visions or trouble reading. Gum diseases, numbness of feet resulting in fall downs, or affecting the immune system.

Patients of diabetes have to change their way of living to not let this disease affect them. Cutting of sugar is the foremost important thing as it aids the development of diabetes. Workout can help a lot in controlling blood glucose levels, reducing the amount of insulin that one has to take. High intake of water and appropriate portion sizes of food can also facilitate managing a high sugar level.

Apart from the medicines prescribed by the doctors, you can also try some natural herbs to control diabetes. These include Mahua which has high medicinal value that plays its part in the anti-diabetic activity. Ginger that not only ease the stomach problems but stabilize the blood sugar level too. Gymnema, Clove, and cumin are some other best herbs for diabetes and act as a natural cure for diabetes.



Green tea comes with its benefits and so one of many includes the anti-diabetic properties. According to various researches, green tea has proven to be a natural cure for diabetes. It helps the pancreas to produce hormones as well as enzymes. Polyphenols in green tea are proven to modulate the glucose in the body which controls diabetes.  Green tea provides enormous health benefits but specifically helps in diabetes as it reduces the risk and complication associated with the disease. Green tea is said to lower the effect of high blood sugar levels in the body.

Yethai offers the green tea with the blend of other herbs like cinnamon, giloy, turmeric, and others that are approved by Ayurveda experts. It is considered as one of the best diabetic drink. Green tea has also established as an herbal treatment for type 2 diabetes. 3-5 cups of this herbal green tea a day can reduce type 2 diabetes. This tea can be consumed by women and men of all the ages. Intake of tea in early stages is recommended as it helps in the diabetes management. It is one of the easiest natural ways to control diabetes

This Anti diabetic Tea is the best solution for diabetes and act as a natural remedy for diabetes. The ayurvedic herbs blended in this Tea helps in sugar level reduction and maintain a normal blood sugar level.


Key Characteristics:

Regular intake of Diabetes medicine as well as Diabetic Cure Tea helps to support people with diabetes to maintain their blood sugar level within limits.
Diabetic Cure Tea is ideal for Men and Women of all ages. It has a powerful antioxidant which has inflammatory attributes.
No chemicals are added in this Tea and hence no side effects on the Health
Prepared by Ayurveda experts
This Diabetes Herbal Tea has a delicate warming feel to it and is good in taste with no bitterness.


Premium Green Tea, Mahua, Gymnema. Cinnamon, Jamun seed, Licorice, Methi, Black Cumin, Giloy, Ginger, Turmeric, Clove, Ashwagandha, Triphala


How to Prepare this Tea?

Heat water and remove it from flame
Add quarter teaspoon of this Tea
Strain and serve it hot

When to drink this Tea?

After half an hour or one hour following your meal


What is the advantage of having this Tea regularly?

It prevents and cures Type II diabetes
A perfect Tea for the Diabetic Patients and for the people nearing or more than 40 years and acts as a perfect home remedy for high blood sugar level

Who can use this Tea?

People who have diabetes
People who are overweight or obese
People who expect diabetes because of genetic or lifestyle issues
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