Assam Black Tea | Loose Leaf Tea Powder from Assam | No Chemicals | 100% Natural | Fresh Tea Powder | CTC Tea

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For some people, tea is recreation; for some, it is a necessity. We understand that not everyone can spend their time attending to a perfect tea brewing. For regular tea users, Yethai Tea serves wellness and satisfaction in the form of  Assam black tea. Though we specialize in all types of tea processing, we invest a huge amount of effort in the making of our CTC Assam tea.

People will tell you that whole leaf tea produces an unmatched taste and aroma but the fact is that most brands do not give special attention in CTC tea processing as it is made with the tea powder created while leaf tea processing and is a cheaper product. However, we at Yethai Tea are determined to provide a perfect ‘kadak chai’ for people who want the aroma and taste of a great tea but brew in a hurry.

Product Description

We process Yethai’s Assam CTC black tea from the best grade leaf tea powder in our tea processing center in Assam to pack the freshness to be released directly in your cup. We maintain impeccable hygiene to ensure safety with FSSAI approvals and get the tea checked in external labs as well. We take great care for the tea to have a high amount of antioxidants that keep you healthy. We use 100% organic tea dust and add none of the artificial flavors or harmful chemicals. You can brew it with milk, which is the popular use or consume it black. It produces excellent color and aroma. Even after being an established brand, our CTC black tea is priced reasonably in the market. Grab a pack now because Yethai’s Assam tea is a must in your tea pantry for regular use.

Key Characteristics

  • 100% natural, No chemicals or added flavors.
  • Hygienic packing to ensure safety and preserve taste & aroma.
  • Compliant to FSSAI standards.
  • Has delicate warming feel to it and does not leave a bitter taste.
  • Look: CTC Tea Dust, Loose Tea
  • Good for Women and Men

Brewing Instructions:

  • Heat water to around 80-90deg C with sugar 
  • Add half a spoon to one spoon of this Tea based on the strength you require
  • Allow it to brew for 2-3 min
  • Add milk (if required)
  • Strain it with a strainer, Fill your cup and Enjoy the Tea