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This one sentence can put a smile and relief to many people's faces as if they wait for this particular time, their entire day. Tea serves a multitude of purposes for many people. It's a way to catch up with friends; for some, it's a delicious beverage that while for others, it's a necessity. A practice that gives them relief and respite both.

When it comes to Tea, there are many different types of Tea, under the category of organic Tea, with numerous advantages like soothing your taste and providing you various health benefits. Among all, there is one particular category of Tea that is especially closer to our hearts than others- the age-old and the very famous 'Premium Assam Tea, which is one of the most popular and preferred healthy Tea categories. Assam Tea powder and Assam Tea sellers have always been on demand owing to its indigenous manufacturing processes and robust Tea flavor yielding a strong, nose tingling smell. Pure Assam Tea is hard to come by as every third Tea on the shelf claims to be from the foothills of Assam, making it extremely hard to identify the original Assam CTC Tea. But Yethai Tea is one online company that has been passionately delivering Original Assam Tea since its inception. Because of their continuous support, dedicated services and excellent quality of their products, they are one of the best platforms to Buy Tea Online.


Product description:

This loose leaf Tea by Yethai exhibits the genuine Assam Tea flavor that is recognized and appreciated all over the world. The Assam CTC loose Tea is often considered as one of the best Tea in the world not only because of its refreshing flavor with a subtle fragrance but also because of its health benefits like decreasing the risk of various cardiovascular diseases and improved blood circulation. With their safe and approved packaging, Yethai Tea makes sure that these benefits are retained throughout the manufacturing process resulting in one of the Best Assam CTC Tea. We are the manufacturers of one of the best blends of Assam CTC leaf Tea as compared to other brands of CTC loose Tea.

The best part of this brand is the amazing price tag attached to it, which keeps the Assam Black Tea price at only INR 120, along with its attractive packaging standards, making it a perfect gift to Tea lovers.  

Key Characteristics

  • This CTC loose Tea is a 100 percent pure Tea powder
  • This no chemical, organic Assam Tea, gives off a delicate smell and doesn’t leave any bitter residue behind
  • Our products comply with FSAAI standards making it one of the best Tea brands available in the market today.  
  • This loose-leaf Tea is beneficial for both men and women making it a preferred Tea choice nowadays.
  • This Assam leaf Tea is packed, keeping in mind the FSAAI food standards and comes with great hygienic packaging. 


Yethai has and always be working towards delivering the best Tea to its consumers time and again, and with the support of our excellent Team and Assam Tea suppliers, our mission is to become one of the best company to Buy Assam Tea Online. For more on Yethai Tea and its other range of Teas, do visit our Product menu.

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Brewing Instructions:

  • Heat water to around 80-90deg C with sugar 
  • Add half a spoon to one spoon of this Tea based on the strength you require
  • Allow it to brew for 2-3 min
  • Add milk (if required)
  • Strain it with a strainer, Fill your cup and Enjoy the Tea