Aroma Dip Tea,30 Tea Bags – 60gms | Blended Tea Powder from Nilgiris and Assam | No Chemicals | 100% Natural Tea | Fresh Tea Powder

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Revitalize your body and brain with an ecstatic aroma of Yethai Tea!

Is choosing the right aroma or perfect color of the tea giving you a hard time to choose in between? To your surprise, tea offered by all the brands and of a wide range of types is made from the leaves of the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Then what makes them so different in taste, texture, and aroma? The answer is their processing. Every company uses different processing methods for the leaves. Apart from processing another factor that affects the qualities of the tea is the environment in which they are grown and processed. It is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while processing and making dust tea and aroma tea. Yethai's Aroma Dip Tea gets its flavor and enticing aroma from 100% natural and organic processing methods that ensure complete secure processing without affecting the quality of the tea.

Yethai's tea makes use of Assam’s first flush tea leaves and Nilgiri black tea leaves that blend to give a perfect heavenly aroma that helps you rejuvenate your taste buds.


Product Description

When it comes to the perfect aroma and flavor, nothing can beat the richness and goodness of Yethai's Aroma Dip tea. It is specially crafted for tea lovers who seek the perfect stream of aroma while holding the steaming cup of tea in their hands. The aroma is perfect for the ones with highly active smell senses. It has the magical pleasing enticing scent that can make anyone forget all the chaos around and experience the peaceful ambiance with the perfect combination of delightful flavor and aroma.

The Aroma Dip Tea is the special blend of Nilgiri tea leaves which has a hypnotizing smell that can take you to another world of flavors and taste along with the touch of Assam Dust Tea to give it a perfect color.

Yethai's Aroma Dip Tea is one of a kind tea with enlightening flavor and pleasing aroma with no risk of added preservatives, color, or other synthetic substances. It is designed to meet up all the FSSAI standards and thus leads the market. We take pride in being one of the top dealers of Aroma Dip Tea with a unique flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. The credit goes to 100% organic processes and tea leaves. It is a perfect refreshment for the ones who crave a perfectly brewed tea with a refreshing aroma and delightful flavor.


Key Characteristics

  • Use of 100% organic leaves and processing.
  • Free from harmful and synthetic additives.
  • The least content of caffeine ensures 100% health benefits.
  • Packed with healthy and rich antioxidants.
  • Comes in easy-to-use dip tea bags.
  • Delightful aroma with enticing flavor and taste.


Brewing Instructions

  • Allow the water to boil in a kettle and pour it into the cup.
  • Dip one aroma dip tea bag in the water with your required add-ons like Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon powder, Cardamom powder or milk.  
  • Remove the teabag after a minute or two.
  • Serve steaming hot aromatic tea.