Why is Green Tea when Brewed bcomes Yellow in Color

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Why is Green Tea when Brewed bcomes Yellow in Color

Green tea is made from the leaves called as Camellia Sinensis. These leaves do not undergo the similar oxidation and the withering process like that of black and oolong tea. The origin of Green tea is China. However, the production is widely spread across many places in Asia.  

There are different types of green tea available, and they vary based on the nature of the Camellia Sinensis leaves used, harvesting time, production process, growing situations, etc. 

Now, you want to know why the green tea is yellow.  

For that, you must know what does green contains and what makes it yellow.  

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Green Tea Consist of:-

Green tea contains the leaves that are not fermented. Hence the antioxidant present in it is the highest level. Antioxidants called Flavonoid is present in green tea, and thirty percent of the green tea has this antioxidant.


Some of the healing compounds and antioxidants present in green tea include catechins and polyphenols. A small amount of caffeine is found in green tea.

Green tea includes many bioactive compounds loaded with several medicinal properties.

Green tea has an amino acid called theanine, it crosses the barriers in the blood traveling to the brain and offers relaxation to the mind by curing many mental illnesses.


American medical association published a study in 2011 states that the CAGTE component found in green tea helps to work on curing Alzheimer's disease.  


CAGTE means "colon available" green tea extract.

Feeling great to know that Green tea a miracle medicine for many diseases and it contains so many compounds.


Green Tea and Yellow Color  

When you boil the tea, the heat will act as a medium to create a reaction amid the water (solvent) and the solute (green leaf). It further releases the enzymes called polyphenol oxidase. The oxidation will convert the polyphenols into another compound called thearubigins. This mixture will give yellow color and brownish red color to green and black tea respectively.


Also, do you know something interesting about green tea?

Green tea need not be yellow always. The Chinese green tea has a yellow color, and the Japanese tea will be green in color. This is because green tea produces in Japan includes a slight steaming process that prevents fermentation. This means, more chlorophyll gets produced. But the Chinese tea is pan-fried.


Finally, You Must Know The Difference Between Green Tea And Black Tea 

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Cancer Research jointly believe that the ethyl carbonate causes cancer and hence it is suggested that green tea is considered the best.


Black tea is prepared from the fermentation, but green tea skips this step. The fermentation process damages many benefits offered by the black tea.

Even though the theaflavins present in black tea is good for health and improves, the health is told but there no evidence of it.

Black tea processed by fermentation will generate ethyl carbonate, and it is called as urethane.

Indian Tea Association statistics states that India produces all types of tea and the CTC accounted for green tea is close to 89 percent.