Why do we feel Tired and Sleepy?

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Why do we feel Tired and Sleepy?

Ever heard teenagers whining about being tired and weak? Or healthy young adults complaining about being unnecessarily sleepy all the time? Well, you must have. This is something very common in today’s era. Not to forget the current lifestyles are to be blamed for this tiredness.


If you also feel drowsy, physical or mental exhaustion, or are low on motivation then you are also one the victim of this everyday problem.  Fatigue is yet another term we use for this. You must be aware of it if you are the one going through or know anyone around suffering from this issue.


Do you ever ask yourself why I am feeling so tired or sleepy? What made this happen? Here some reasons that describe it.


Causes of Tiredness

The question “why am I always tired and have no energy” always comes in our mind. Let me explain


Usually, tiredness and sleepiness are associated with two things: mental and physical health. Talking about physical health which includes some diseases that can affect the quality of life a person is living. These diseases tend to make an individual weak and low on energy that they always feel tired or sleepy. Diabetes, fever, cancer, iron deficiency, and weak immune system to name a few.


Similarly, mental conditions can be the reason for being tired and sleepy all the time. Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of them.


Apart from this, there could be other things as well depending on person to person. An inactive lifestyle, improper sleeping schedule, and unhealthy food intake can be some of the many reasons for being worn out.


What are the Consequences of Tiredness?


Tiredness effects on body is huge. Now if you are the one going through it you would know how feeling lazy all the time can be. One of the major effects it possesses is the negative impact on the performance. The standard of life is greatly damaged. Tired at work, always sleepy at home, moodiness, and irritations are the victim’s complaints. In addition to it, vision problems and aching muscles can be the consequences of this health issue.


What are the Possible Solutions?


How to stop being tired all the time? Following are some solutions that can help you fight this. Although, it majorly depends on the causes of tiredness. Fatigue caused by medical issues can only be tackled with medical solutions. However, some of the common answers include adequate sleep, healthy eating. High intake of water, exercise, or yoga.


Apart from that, if tiredness is being caused by the lack of energy then there are some home remedies to get rid of it. Starting with the common items available in your kitchen such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meat or dairy products. Other than this, multivitamins or supplements can be taken if prescribed by the doctors.


Here herbs also plays its parts. Most of the herbs are known for their countless benefits along with causing no harm like turmeric, ashwaghanda, or maca. What more beneficial is when all these herbs are mixed and are available in the form of any drink.


Yethai tea offers a wide range of tea, every one of it serving a particular advantage. The tea in the talk today for the concerned issue is ‘Energy boosting tea’. It is a mix of green tea along with some other herbs making it the right choice for the consumer to help them boost energy. It helps remove the elements of being tired and feeling exhausted or sleepy. 2 to 3 cups of energy-boosting tea can be consumed by both men and women to stay fresh and strong.

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Yethai tea ensures to keep everyone’s interest and hence have another taste of tea for those who prefer black tea over green tea. Herbal Masala Tea is yet another flavor with countless benefits. It is a natural energy booster and revitalizes the body. Ideal for people of all ages this drink allows the body to relieve the stress and anxiety leaving the person fresh.

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Then, what are you waiting for? If you are the one feeling sleepy always and want to know how to stop being tired, then order your tea online, right away to stay fresh and healthy.