What Would Happen If I drink Tea in an Empty Stomach?

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What Would Happen If I drink Tea in an Empty Stomach?

Tea is a healthy beverage in India to consume, this help in better digestion and activating metabolism. However, drinking Tea in an empty stomach is not healthy. It causes acidity and lower metabolism. This primarily depends on the quality and type of Tea that you are consuming. 

Typically, for better living consuming Black Tea after the meal can result in better. This can replace your sugary drink with a healthy beverage which results in better BMI. Whereas Green Tea is great to activate metabolism to burn fat faster, calories, and protect the body against GI symptoms. 

Well, many people drink Tea in an empty stomach. And why not? Tea fills energy in the body for the day. But according to the scientific point of view, it is not a good habit. 

So, if your question is, is Tea harmful in an empty stomach? Then I would say yes!

Drinking Tea is not ruthless, but it will cause harmful side effects in the body when you consume it an empty stomach. Do you know why?   

Let us understand this fact in this blog.  

Nowadays, people overeat mostly snacks or street food in the evening, which results in no appetite at night and stays empty until the next morning. So, when you consume Tea at this time, it will cause gastrointestinal issues that lead to chronic pain, irritation, and jitteriness. 

Moreover, the Tea leaves include in Tea abate the central nervous system, lower metabolism, increase heart rate, and thus cause acid reflux. After this, you can say that drinking Tea in an empty stomach is not a good idea.  

Yet, it is important to know how Tea causes side effects? At this note, we will go brief and starts from the stomach, which is an important organ to digest.  

The stomach is an important organ of the body that digests food easily and release high energy in the body. This performs three major functions such as it acts as temporary storage of the food, mixing and breaking down of food, and digestion of food. If these three functions don’t perform well, then your body has to suffer from major health concerns like stomach acid. 

Stomach acid also is known as gastric acid or gastric juice. It is a digestive fluid formed in the stomach by Hydro Chloric Acid, Potassium Chloride and Sodium Chloride. These acids are important to activate digestive enzymes to break the chain of amino acids. To read more on stomach acid visit here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gastric_acid 

However, drinking Tea has many health benefits such as its antioxidants fights with free radicals and catechins to improve immunity and boost metabolism. But here you will need to keep in mind, this would only happen if you drink Tea after a meal not in an empty stomach. When you drink Tea in the empty stomach its caffeine amount release in the body and cause stomach acid, which further affect digestion and wreck immunity too. There are many reasons to avoid Tea in the empty stomach such as:

  • It disturbs metabolism
  • Smash-up the enamel of teeth
  • Dehydrate the body
  • Acidity
  • Nausea
  • Jitteriness 
  • Anxiety
  • Reduce iron absorption 

To know about the side effects of Tea in empty stomach, you must also see this article https://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/why-you-shouldnt-start-your-day-with-a-cup-of-Tea-1683837 

There are so many myths related to Tea, its types and more. If you are health conscious like me then you should know about the best time to drink Tea for health benefits. For every Tea drinker, it is crucial to check. 

At this note, I have shared different Tea types and its best time, so you can reap the maximum of your cup. 

If you are asking when to drink Tea? Then I would say during the day, but not in the empty stomach and after the evening. Tea has high caffeine, which is a good source to burn fat faster, better metabolism, boost energy, and supports digestive health. 

On these advantages, drinking Tea can be good after the meal. According to researchers, drinking Tea 20-30 minutes after a meal is highly effective. However, it is recommended to everyone not to drink Tea after dinner. If you are a Tea drinker of the evening then you can switch your Tea into herbal Tea like green Tea. This can help in better digestion and energy level. 

Now the point is what to drink in an empty stomach, if you are not allowed to have a cup of Tea? I would say, water. 

Yes, you read correctly !  

Drinking 1-2 warm glass of water in an empty stomach can give great health benefits such as glowing skin, better digestion, and active metabolism. It also neutralizes the acidity in your stomach. 

Tea is a healthy and safe beverage to drink during the day. But it is important to drink it at the correct time to steal the best benefits. This mainly applies to people who are sensitive to caffeine, especially children, pregnant women’s and those whose stomach is weak. 

There is one thing you will need to check is, which Tea brand you are opting for 

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Your healthy life is in your hands. And it’s all up to you, how you treat your body to live longer. So, opt for the best