Top 3 Benefits of Green Tea for Men

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Top 3 Benefits of Green Tea for Men

Green Tea, which was invented in China, has a very interesting story about its origin. It is believed that this tea was first “accidentally” made in the year 2737 BC by a Chinese Emperor called Shennong. Emperor Shennong was once travelling and on the way, he got tired and asked his guards to fetch him some warm water. While consuming this water, some leaves from the Camellia Sinensism plant fell into it. The emperor found the taste of the water very appealing and asked his soldiers to make this tea for him henceforth.

Well, are you curious to know what benefits Emperor Shennong would have enjoyed because of sipping this liquid goodness on a regular basis? Have you ever wondered what benefits you men can enjoy whilst sipping this refreshing drink?

 If you haven’t, let’s know it now! We present to you the top 3 benefits which men can get from savoring green tea on a regular basis.


#1 Fight off prostate cancer with green tea!

The fact that 1 in every 9 men will be diagnosed with Prostate cancer ( ) in their lifetime tells us that the risk is high. It is high time, after being equipped with this knowledge, that men make sure to take necessary steps and precautions to try to reduce their risk of prostate cancer.


To help men fight the risk of developing a prostate cancer, a wonderful solution to opt is to consume green tea on a daily basis. According to a study, it was found that the men who consume green tea daily have 50% less chance of getting prostate cancer in their lifetime. (


So, how does green tea help in actually fight off prostate cancer?

Green tea does not allow the growth of cancerous cells. If the cells already exist, it reduces the pace at which the cells grow and gives them the ultimatum of suicide (Apoptosis). Catechins and EGCG play the most important role in inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer cells.


#2 Boost your sperm quality with green tea!

Infertility is on the rise because of the lifestyle that we lead and the nutritional choices that we make. However, male fertility does not depend on only that. Another important factor to consider while discussing male fertility is sub-fertility. Sub-fertility, which is when a person has lower chance at conceiving, accounts to almost 25-30% of infertility. (


How does green tea help in making your sperm more fertile?

Green tea consists of EGCG, which plays a major role in increasing the fertility and motility of sperm. This causes more number of sperm cells to bind themselves to the egg cell.

However, it is important to note that moderate amount of green tea consumption will only help in increasing the male fertility. If EGCG is in excess in the male body, it produces the opposite effect, thereby reducing the sperm quality. (


#3 Say bye-bye to extra weight with green tea!

We all know that the struggle to lose weight is real. Want to increase the speed of your weight loss? The perfect answer for you is to start by incorporating green tea into your diet. Recent researches have shown that when supplemented with 300mg of EGCG, over-weight men have experienced increased metabolism and fat oxidation.


So men, are there any more reasons needed for you to choose green tea over your usual coffee/ tea? Let’s wait no more. Pick up your tea bag, dip it in warm water and enjoy the mildly refreshing tea now!


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