Tips to Choose the Right Tea Supplier

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Tips to Choose the Right Tea Supplier

Well, we all love to sip a cup of tea to start our day. But selecting the Best Tea supplier becomes a challenge. No worries, want to know the secret? Follow this article to become a pro in choosing the Best Tea.


Yes, I agree that you want to know the ways to choose the right Tea supplier not only for drinking tea but also to expand your business. You may cater from any industry, own a tea shop, run a cafe, or a wellness center, your requirement in tea selection may vary.


Be it Green Tea or Black Tea the quality stands on top of everything. I am sure you have the same opinion too.

Then, let me get into business,

Top Four Things to Remember to Identify Your Tea Supplier

  1. The first thing you must keep in mind before checking anything about the vendor should be their experience in the tea business. Why should you look at experience? An experienced provider knows about sourcing the finest teas. They would find the way about customs and import policies to make sure about the stable supply of well-liked teas. For sure, these giants would also stock up and pack tea for optimal novelty and finest quality.

2.  Now, you need to know the spurious products that enter the market sometimes with the brand name. Rest assured, an established, consistent and committed tea supplier could help you to identify these bogus players.

3.  Check for the online presence of the tea suppliers. A reputed online tea supplier would have an online presence and will support you by providing articles and links about the unhygienic teas in the market. They know the Health Department regulations.

4.  Look at the price factor before you decide on the tea supplier. Never search for the low-cost supplier. To know the actual cost of wholesale tea suppliers, use the hint given below.

Find out the most famous retail tea price of the Indian market and reduce 50 INR from that. Any supplier promising you for a price less than this would result in a bad quality.  They might have added preservatives and artificial color in tea to make them look good.

5. Take a look at the reviews for best Indian online tea suppliers. Reviews help you to understand about the tea vendor’s customer view in the market.


Want to know more about tea and its health benefits? Check out blogs regularly

Now, I am sure you got a fair idea about selecting the right tea supplier. All set to move forward. For further guidance to know the best place to buy tea online follow these final thoughts.


Go for Indian tea leaves cultivated in Nepal, Kangra, Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiris via online stores. Read reviews online to know purchaser views regarding shipping, price, and customer support offered by different companies. Make sure to buy loose tea leaves.

Some facts now:

  • Per the research conducted by US department Agriculture’s Food Composition Laboratory on 30% of dried out weight of tea leaves, “Antioxidants” found in all tea, black, green and white concentration ranges between 1-13 mg dl-1.
  • Indian Medical Association recommends a daily intake of a minimum of three cups of either Green Tea or Black Tea in a day reduces the risk of cancer