The World of Nilgiri Tea

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The World of Nilgiri Tea

Nesting amidst the highest hills of Tamil Nadu lies a land of unravelling beauty and mystery. The land of Ooty is a marvel of nature that is full of lush greenery and unparalleled fauna. If the mountains call to you, and the beauty of mountains and ravines mesmerize you, where should you visit? Nilgiri is the place you must explore to have your breath taken away.

Do you know where the famous Nilgiri is? Let me tell you! The mountain range that runs along the Western side of Tamil Nadu and forms a continuous part of the Western Ghats of India is called the Nilgiri Mountains. The most famous hill spot located on the Nilgiri Mountains is the town of Ooty. The moment you set a foot there, you will realise that it is one of the most popular tourist locations of India. It is a place of exquisite beauty and colour.

Nilgiri is scattered with places of marvellous beauty, but what exactly is it famous for? Well, mostly because it has a lush and dense tea plantation with botanical gardens and plateaus. It is blessed with the most pleasant temperature throughout the year with an average of around 15 degrees Celsius. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


The Nilgiris experience a typical subtropical highland temperature with fairly chilly winters. This is all the more reason for you to visit any time if the year!

Nilgiri is famous for its variety and high quality tea for which connoisseurs all across the country flock to experience the richness of this soil.


There is a wide variety of textures like dust and leaves. A variety of grades like black, white and green tea are also found in the Ooty tea plantation. Rich spices like masala, cardamom, Jasmine or chocolate would are added to Nilgiri tea to enhance its flavour and taste.

Why should you choose Nilgiri tea over anything else?  If you are a true tea lover, you will know.

Nilgiri tea is popular for its dark, intense aroma and scent available throughout the stretch of the Western Ghats. Also known as a blue mountain tea, it is available all along the Nilgiri range. Over 50% of this luxurious tea is exported by wholesale distributors of tea in the form of blends or tea bags.


The Nilgiri tea producing company makes very expensive grades of tea which is not easily found in the local market. So if you don't wish to go pocket heavy, Ooty tea powder prices are much comparative and are readily available from wholesale tea sellers. It is grown majorly by small tea growers like the Badagas and is the product of the winter harvest. You want the best? We got you covered!

It is available in the form of teabags by larger companies for local availability. It can also be bought in a bulk from the wholesale dealers. Wholesale bulk tea is also available by various Ooty Tea factories, tea companies online retail shops, and tea exporter. Many people who are involved in tea business have started doing wholesale business of tea since it attracts consumers from different parts of globe.

So will you drink it like every other tea that you normally have? No! Let me tell you why. Ooty tea powder is sweet and lightly aromatic that is perfect to be had without milk. It has an important amount of Antioxidants, Epicatechins, and Catechins. Milk dilutes its antioxidants due to its acidic consistency.

Nilgiri tea powder yields a number of benefits. From physical anomalies like the difficulty of digestion, bloated stomach for acid reflux. Drinking a cup of pure Nilgiri tea after an hour of having a meal helps you relieve your distressed stomach. See, we take care of you heath too!

It is rich in flavonoids which responsible for improving blood flow to your heart and circulatory system while strengthening them as well. Nilgiri Tea is rich in L-theanine and amino acid. These elements help you so your mind can relax after a stressful day. Believe me when I say, this tea is an all-rounder.

If you enjoy having tea and use it as a method to unwind, Nilgiri Teas are the best home remedy for many ailments. A cup of the best loose tea from Nilgiri has antibacterial and inflammatory properties that help you to boost your immune system also help you to heal much faster.

Although it cannot be considered as an extreme measure, yet it helps your body to recover from stress and environmental damages. It is a cushion to your body as well as your mind.

Want healthy, radiant skin? Check!

If you are concerned about your health and skin, then it is best to buy Nilgiri tea. Tea has been used all over the world in various skin care cosmetics and products, why is that and where to buy wholesale tea?

Nilgiri black tea is also rich in antioxidants which are known to protect our cells from dying out due to pollution. This means that regular consumption of loose leaf tea from the Nilgiri best helps to retard the rate of the aging process of the skin.


If you are looking to buy Nilgiri tea either as bulk tea or in the form of small pouches then Nilgiri tea manufacturers like Yethai tea is the best option for you. These loose leaf tea powder are derived from the fresh lands of the Nilgiri tea plantation and packaged by wholesale suppliers of tea according to your desired quantity.


When you need to buy Nilgiri tea online in bulk, this loose leaf tea company make it easily available in the form the best loose tea. How easy can it get?


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