The Market for Tea – Selling Tea from Home

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The Market for Tea – Selling Tea from Home

Since ancient times, we have seen the importance of Tea in all cultures and traditions. Different customs have their unique preferences and characteristics of tea. It is one of the most consumed beverages globally. Popularly favored for its taste and health benefits, Tea has proven to be one of the world's largest business opportunities.

Having a global market of USD 52 Billion in 2018, it is projected to grow, having a market valued at USD 81 billion by 2026. The tea industry has created job opportunities for thousands throughout its process of harvesting to market distribution.

With the exponential rise in tea consumers in the recent market, the demand has increased rapidly. Various start-up businesses and entrepreneurship have surfaced, and the tea business market has bloomed. So, if anyone chose to invest in a specific industry or plans on starting your own business, tea would be an excellent option for launching their own business.


How to Sell Tea from Home

A business can start from any place and any location. The correct business strategy, your approach towards marketing are the points which would decide your success.

Selling tea from home can be a business successful as any other. It would help if you first had an idea of who you want to sell to and which section of the audience you wish to target.

By narrowing down your reach, it becomes easier for you to approach your clients directly. The next important step is to create an identity for your brand. Quality sells more than anything else in the market. If you have made sure that the brand has an optimistic product image, it becomes much easier to assure its authenticity and efficacy.


The Art of Selling Tea

A business can be an expensive investment. It may take years for a company to reach its full potential. If you plan to launch your own business, you can choose which type of tea seller you wish to be, depending on your investment budget.

Tea can be sold in two ways:

  1. Selling under the same brand name as that of your supplier  

This form of business is known as Trading. As a tea trader, you distribute the brand to the consumer under your distributor's brand image. Thus, allowing you to utilize the manufacturing company's brand name and value without investing in any promotional or marketing schemes. The product will be sold against the current brand value of the market.

In this case, there are a few necessary details the young entrepreneurs have to keep in mind while stating their tea business from home:

  1. At first, select the kind and variety of tea you wish to sell from the manufacturer.
  2. Select the right manufacturer with a strong market presence and brand value. This will help you create market awareness and utilize the brand's image to sell the product.
  3. Since the manufacturer is distributing their product to various consumers, it is essential to confirm that it is licensed or certified. Food and safety licenses of the product must be checked before finalizing your manufacturer.
  4. Various samples of tea must be collected to check its quality, taste and aroma.
  5. You must get a license for food safety as a trader of tea and legally register your tea business.
  6. Sign an agreement with the supplier with proper clauses and legalities. Once all the formalities are complete, the tea can be bought in bulk and then sold.


  1. Selling on your brand name  

You can create an entirely new brand identity and promote it according to your strategy and planning. This will help build your brand as your brand without having to depend upon other tea manufacturers.

In addition to all 6 steps, as mentioned above, one must keep in mind the following while creating your tea brand.

  1. Select the right brand name, which will be the identity for all sales and promotional events.
  2. Confirm with the supplier if the material can be packaged with your brand name and then dispatched directly to you. This will save time and save the additional of repackaging it with your brand identity.
  3. In case the above is not possible, then the tea has to be repacked from your end and then arranged to be dispatched to the customers.


Tea Promotion Strategies

In the day and age of digitization, one can sell tea from home online or offline. Depending upon the audience you choose to target, the promotional and sale campaigns can be done according to your audience.

  • Selling online:
  1. To attract online customers, creating a website for your business is essential
  2. An informative website needs to be made with a friendly introduction to the company. A clear, descriptive impression is the best way to gain your customer's trust and loyalty in an e-commerce business.
  3. The website must have a detailed list of all products and prices.
  4. Promote your b2c business online with the help of Digital marketing and start collecting orders
  5. Collect payment and all dispatch details and dispatch it on time
  6. Be active on your website and other social media platforms to promote the business and create friendly customer service.
  7. Tea products can be listed out on marketplaces too to reach potential customers easily.


  • Selling offline:

Going the traditional way is the most common form of marketing that we see. There are many marketing methods to sell tea to consumers.

  1. Traditional selling methods create a steady relationship with the customers, enabling them to have more faith in you.
  2. Select the appropriate marketing methods and start showing your products to potential customers.
  3. Help customers understand the product and push them towards trying it out for the first time.
  4. Have a separate area to store the products as per the customer's guidelines to ensure the quality and freshness of the material, helping you abide by the food safety norms.


Is Selling Tea Profitable ?

Depending upon the prices set and the customers targeted, tea businesses consist of a reasonable profit margin. Tea selling from home can be considered as the most profitable business for small business ideas for women.


Will the Government Support Small Businesses in India?

Various sectors like the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the Federation of Small & Medium Industries (FOSMI) support female entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses. They provide start-up funding and guide small businesses to help them with their business growth to reach their full potential.