The Green Tea Calorie Secret

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The Green Tea Calorie Secret

You start to worry about calories when you want to eat any food. But do you know the fact? You can enjoy Green Tea without any guilt as Loose green tea leaves contain NO calories. 

Sounds surprising? No, it isn’t. 

Just deep dive to know more.  

Most Of The Times You Want To Know About Calorie 

The energy required to increase the temperature of 1 kilogram of water all the way through 1 degree Celsius. In plain words, Calorie is a unit of energy. It can also be referred as the energy consumed through drinking and eating.  

According to AHA, American Heart Association recommended calorie intake for an adult is no more than 2000 calories. This can vary up to 500 calories based on the individual’s health and physical activities.  

Effect of Calories 

Calories when exceeds the recommended limit leads to increase in weight and causes obesity. Obesity takes a toll on health including bone damage, heart ailment, stomach problems etc. 

Too less calorie intake would make you malnourished and again leads to health discomforts beginning with mild ulcers and sometimes leading to fatal problems like cancer. 

Not to panic, as you can always maintain a balanced diet to take care of your health. Include protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, and minerals in the right quantity. 

But How To Reduce Calorie?  

The good news is, Calories in green tea is zero. Yes, one cup of plain green tea brewed in warm water has zero calories in it. And one more benefit you get by drinking this beverage is, you can burn up to 25 calories by just consuming 250 ml of green tea. 

Ok, your question is well taken. Here you go with the answer. How to estimate calories in food? 

To know the calorie value of food in the traditional method, place the food in closed container encircled by water. The name of the apparatus used for this purpose is called bomb calorimeter. Completely burnt food results in raising the water temperature. Measuring the water temperature gives the calorie value. 

But today the simplest way to know the calorie of the food you eat is known using the Calorie Calculator provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Click the link and type the food name in the keyword column and enter to see the calorie value.

Calories and Obesity 

Imbalance in energy leads to increase in weight and eventually makes you obese. What does energy imbalance mean? The food you eat and the energy expenditure both do not balance. This energy gets measured in calories. When you eat more than required and do less physical work, all the energy gets stored as fat. 

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation helps to diagnose obesity condition of an individual. Know your BMI using this chart 

How Does Green Tea Reduce Calorie? 

Eating junk foods and lack of physical activities increases calories. Apart from eating less food, right food, and performing physical exercise one must supplement Green tea to their diet and reduce calories.  

Caffeine in green tea act as a stimulant and increases the calories you burn. Body metabolism changes due to caffeine in green tea and results in burning more calories. 25 mg of caffeine present in 227 gm of green tea helps fat burning, and hence it is considered safe to drink a maximum of 3-5 cups of green tea in a day.

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