Relation between Yoga and Green Tea

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Relation between Yoga and Green Tea

Well, you all know that practicing Yoga not only makes you fit but also proved as a cost effective remedy for many health ailments.

Do you know? (WHO) World Health Organisation has accepted that Indian Yoga has gained benefits since it is the age old holistic approach for the well-being of physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

Also, WHO has recommended every individual in the age group between 18 and 64 to practice 30 minutes session of Yoga for a minimum of five days in a week.

At this point, you realize that Green Tea plays a vital role in improving your health in every aspect of life.

Yes, The Journal of the American Medical Association, published on 13th Sept 2006 confirmed that Women who consumed five 3.4-ounce cups of Green Tea on a daily basis had reduced heart disease by 31% and Men who drank Green Tea reduced the risk of heart disease up to 22%.

You’ve heard the advice a million times, include Yoga in your daily routine and enjoy a stress-free healthy life.

You’re dead right; consume Green Tea to add more benefits to your healthy body gifted by regular practice of Yoga.

Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is simple too.

But, the question now, what is the best time to have Green TeaBefore or After Yoga.

Before and After, both seems beneficial. Find below supporting points for both the scenarios.

Beware; never consume Green Tea in empty stomach 

Green Tea Before Yoga

Consuming Green Tea before Yoga sessions would provide more energy to perform Yoga efficiently. In simple words, it increases the metabolism.

Want to know more? Here you go, Green Tea, rich in catechins and has a moderate amount of caffeine. Both help in boosting metabolism. Caffeine encourages fat-burning by rising thermogenesis and catechins aids in stimulating fat oxidation


Benefits of Consuming Green Tea after Yoga

After a Yoga session, both your mind and body gets relaxed and refreshed making you calm. The truth now comes before you; this blissful state will slowly move towards the routine life crammed with stress and demands.

Magically transform your mind and body by sipping a cup of Green Tea.

Green Tea not only makes your body hydrated but also helps to retain the revitalized feeling for long. Yes, the slow release of energy from tea enables you to get stabilized at an even pace.

Also, consuming Green Tea after Yoga reduces inflammation, increases metabolism, and strengthens your immune system.

Nice to sip a cup of Green Tea to retain the ecstasy offered by performing Yoga.

In fact, production of Green Tea has gained popularity in India in the recent years. Although currently, CTC teas contribute 91 per cent of the total tea production, with the growing demand, by 2020 Green Tea would dominate the tea export in India. Small tea growers have contributed 53 per cent of total tea production in TamilNadu.

Squeeze half a lemon to your Green Tea to enhance the body to absorb 13 times more catechins than consuming the plain Green Tea after your mind rejuvenating Yoga session

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