Is Tea good for Asthma?

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Is Tea good for Asthma?

Asthma is a common yet serious disease. It is a condition where airways become swollen and tapered that produce extra mucus. This further affects breathing and trigger cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This disease affecting millions of people in the world, and you may be also one among those millions.  

For many people, it is a dangerous disease because it worse their daily activities, as they are allergic to the environment, pollution, smoke. It cannot be cured easily, therefore, it is advisable for every patent to take the advice of a doctor and add some home remedy for an asthma attack 

According to the Journal of Allergy and clinical immunology drinking a cup of Tea can prevent an Asthma attack. Herbal Tea has many herbs and natural components that have been used for years to treat inflammation, respiratory health, organ health and more.  

If you are also looking for an answer, how to cure asthma naturally? So, let us find out ! 

Generally, Asthma is of various types such as Adult-onset Asthma, Allergic Asthma, exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction, Nonallergic asthma, Occupational Asthma, and Asthma COPD Overlap. It doesn’t matter what type of Asthma you have, crucial is you have Asthma. Many scientists discovered that it can be of many reasons like:

  • Respiratory infections like a cold, cough.
  • Allergic to pollutants like petrol, smoke, dust.
  • Side effects of medicines especially aspirin, Motrin, etc.
  • GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Airborne disorder like spores, pollen, etc.

 Well, the signs of Asthma varies from person to person. I have shredded a few symptoms of Asthma to find out whether you have mild or chronic asthma. 

In the case of mild asthma:

  • Shorten of breath
  • Chest pain/ congestion
  • Cough
  • Wheezing

In the case of chronic asthma:

  • Asthma symptoms become worse
  • Difficult to breath
  • Using quick-inhaler


If you are suffering from a mild or dangerous disease, then you must know how to cure asthma disease without medicine.  

You might be wondering, can we get rid of asthma without medicines? 

The answer is, Yes you can take relaxation form asthma and cure asthma problems with Tea, but it has not been proved yet that Tea can be a permanent cure. So, it is advisable for everyone, please take the regular medication with Herbal Tea for asthma and allergies.  

Apart from Tea, researchers also say, one can cure asthma with diets such as fruits, green vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-D rich foods, and Magnesium-rich diet.  

Now, we move to our crucial study and that is Herbal Tea for asthma.  

First, we need to learn the relation between Caffeine and Asthma. Caffeine is a healthy Tea component that soothes the respiratory system. According to NCBI caffeine is supposed to improve airways, reduces respiratory muscle stress, and improve lung functions. It is mainly found in Coffee, Tea and cola drinks, but when it comes to curing Asthma then Herbal Tea can be effective.  

How? Let us study about some ingredients of Herbal Tea that would help in preventing and curing asthma 

Pepper: This spice promise to control asthma and a perfect asthma cure tip to better breathe, wheeze, fighting with chronic inflammation, cancer cells, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Ginger: It is a powerful root that has strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and stimulate asthma conditions. 

Licorice: It also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally relax lungs and soothe throat to prevent cold, cough and flu. It is also good to control high blood sugar and blood pressure level. 

Tulsi: This herb is great to fight with respiratory illness, better digestion, boost immunity, and relief from pain. 

Flaxseed: it is very effective and anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 fatty acids, and nutrients that naturally improve asthma and its related symptoms. Read more


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