Is Nettle Tea good for your Health?

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Is Nettle Tea good for your Health?

Before I start disclosing the health benefits of nettle tea, let us first know what nettle tea is.

Nettle or stinging nettle is actually a plant that basically grows in the northern Europe and Asia. From centuries people are using the nettle root and above ground of this shrub as medicinal purpose. This shrub has heart-shaped leaves with yellow or pink flowers. The stem is covered with tiny, stiff hairs which release stinging chemicals when touched.

Many researchers have done so many researches and come to the conclusion that it indeed has many potential health benefits.

Now let us talk about the Health benefits of nettle

Stinging nettle whose scientific name is Urtica dioica is used to solve urination problems such as benign prostatic hyperplasia [BPH].

This can benefit people who have problems like nighttime urination, too frequent urination, painful urination, inability to urinate, and irritable bladder.

According to a report by NCBI which was published in January 2013, men who took nettle extract had fewer clinical symptoms of BPH than those who didn’t.


Another benefit of stringing nettle is its effects on the blood glucose levels. These leaves have insulin secretagogue, PPAR gamma agonistic and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory effects that may mimic the effects of insulin. So, type 2 diabetic patients can have these leaf extract to lower their blood glucose level and A1C level.


Nettle also contain potent antioxidants, which help in protecting the body from aging and cell damage. Furthermore, it also protects the liver against damage by toxins, heavy metals and inflammation. Also, stinging nettle has properties that can cure wound healing, including burn wounds.


Moreover, Nettle contains a lot of iron, which protects the body from anemia. The correct amount of iron is important, because it affects more hemoglobin in the blood. This aids in better circulation and better physical fitness, so one can burn more calories and thus lose more weight. Weight loss experts claim that nettle tea is a must have for any weight loss regime.


It also improves the appearance of hair and nails.


Apart from all these benefits, the most important one is its effect on relieving joint pain. This herb has diuretic action that help to flush excess uric acid from muscles and joints, thus reducing the inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Now after reading all these health benefits, may be, you would be thinking how to take nettle extracts.

So, friends, stinging nettle is incredibly easy to add to your daily routine. There are lot of nettle leaf products which can be included in your diet plan. The easiest way is to have nettle leaf tea since it is one of the best herbal tea .You can purchase Nettle tea loose or in teabags from any health food stores and also you can buy it online.

Now, you next question to me would be “How to make nettle tea?”

It is very simple !

To brew a cup of nettle green tea,

  • Heat water till you see bubbles on the top
  • Pour it in a cup
  • Add Green Tea with few nettle leaves
  • Allow it for 1-2min, strain it
  • Add little honey if required
  • Enjoy your cup of Nettle Tea

3-5 cups a day is advisable

The other easiest method is to buy it readymade. Buy Nettle Tea online from  

Nettle Tea is generally considered as one of the best home remedies for joint pain. It is true that having nettle tea regularly can be one of the best way to prevent joint pain among women