Is Kashmiri Pink Noon Chai good for Health?

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Is Kashmiri Pink Noon Chai good for Health?

What is pink Tea?

Pink Tea is an infusion beverage made from various herbs, spices and green tea. It has become increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to coffee and black Tea.

The main ingredients for making Pink Tea are whole or ground green tea leaves with baking soda and the spice mix 'Kahwa,' which includes cardamom, cinnamon and clove. The resulting brew has a unique flavor with a light pink hue due to the presence of salt and baking soda when boiled together with the green tea and other spices. 


Why is it called Kashmiri pink chai?

Kashmiri pink tea, also known as noon chai, is a unique and flavorful beverage made in Kashmir.It's a combination of milk, green tea leaves, pistachios, almonds, saffron strands, and cardamom powder.

All these ingredients combine to create an aromatic cup of Tea rich in flavor. The addition of baking soda helps enhance the flavor and the color, giving it a beautiful pink-tinted hue and making it different from other varieties of green teas available.


Why is it called noon chai?

Kashmiri pink noon tea, or Kashmiri noon chai, got its name because it is traditionally served in the afternoon. It's believed that this Kashmiri specialty was created by peasants who would take a break from their daily labor during the day and sip on a cup of this energizing Tea.

This Indian delicacy has become very popular recently for its freshness and distinct flavor that refreshes the mind and body after a hard day's work!


Health Benefits of Drinking Kashmiri Pink Noon Chai

a). Aids Weight Loss & Metabolism Improvement

Regular consumption of Kashmiri pink noon tea may aid weight loss. Thanks to its low-calorie content and appetite-suppressing ingredients like pistachios, almonds, and cardamom powder.

The combination of nutrients in the drink also boosts metabolism, which helps burn calories more efficiently while offering energy-boosting properties due to the caffeine found naturally in green tea leaves.

b). Nutrient Rich- Contains Vitamins and Minerals that are Good for Health

Aside from beneficial antioxidants present within Kashmiri pink noon chai, this beverage is also packed with vitamins C & E, essential for overall Health. Additionally, this pink Tea Kashmiri contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as catechins and epigallocatechin gallate that help reduce risks associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

c). Improves Digestion & Bowel Movement

Consumption of this Tea can help improve digestion & bowel movements due to attributes present within green tea leaves, which eliminate toxins. These toxins build up over time within the body, leaving you feeling refreshed every morning after a cup!

d). Controls Diabetes & Lowers Blood Pressure

Because Green Tea doesn't contain significant amounts of sugar or fat intake, it won't cause spikes in blood pressure levels. Therefore, it's an ideal choice if you have diabetes or hypertension issues– although always consult your doctor before beginning any new dietary regime.

e). Enhances Cognitive Functioning and Brain Health

Regular consumption may bring cognitive enhancement too. It ranges from better memory recall processes caused by heightened focus & blood flow towards neural pathways allowing more accessible thought processing abilities, improved reaction times while solving puzzles, etc.

It's no wonder modern-day fans worldwide are increasingly drawn towards Pink Tea, especially considering how easy it is now to make at home by simply buying Kashmiri Pink Tea Powder packs online!

Kashmiri pink noon chai is a refreshing and flavorful beverage and highly beneficial to your health - from aiding in weight loss to reducing the risk of chronic diseases.


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