Is Green Tea Safe For Nursing Mothers?

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Is Green Tea Safe For Nursing Mothers?

Birth is a miracle of God and mothers are blessed with the responsibility of nourishing their babies. The first taste of life that babies experience is their mothers' milk. Breast milk is considered to be extremely important for a new-born. Doctors advise green tea for nursing mothers so that they remain healthy and breastmilk is supported with various nutrients and aids them with sufficient lactation.

Breast milk consists of all nutrients in correct proportions which are suitable as per a baby's requirements. A cup of green tea for nursing mothers is a refreshing and healthy way to start one's day. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants so a controlled quantity of green tea for nursing mothers has no side effects on the baby in any way. Medically a maximum of 500 ml or 2 cups of green tea for nursing mothers is permissible.


Why is Breastfeeding considered important?

Breastfeeding is considered to be a very intimate way of bonding with your own baby. Breast milk consists of nutrients that help in boosting a baby's immunity. It helps fight various kinds of allergies, infections and diseases including cancer and diabetes. It is one of the easiest things to digest preventing any form of diarrhoea or constipation. As per the baby's requirements, the production of breast milk varies in volume and nutrients depending upon the frequency of nursing, which is perfect for the baby's healthy growth.


What are the Benefits of Breastmilk to a New born?

Often various kinds of distresses are faced by nursing mothers. Many mothers face the problems of poor or no lactation, which disables them from feeding their new-born. There are various factors that might have triggered this low milk supply. For example, delay in initiation of breastfeeding, supplementing breastfeeding, or certain medications can curb the proper amount of lactation.


It is essential for the child to receive the first milk from their mother and hence it is crucial to support a healthy supply of breastmilk through proper diet or lifestyle. There are various medications that increase breast milk production but if one wishes to increase breast milk naturally, then they have to start eating healthy and drink the best green ta for lactation.


Are there any Natural Remedies to increase Lactation?

Doctor suggest various kinds of foods and nursing mothers tea to increase breast milk naturally. Spices like fenugreek and fennel seeds are traditionally known as milk boosters. They contain compounds like estrogen that increase the flow of milk and various studies also proven that the consumption of these seeds has resulted in increased milk flow in women compared to those who have not.


Food items are grains that consist of iron are also considered to be a good stimulant. Increase in the level of minerals in the blood also helps the mother to provide the child with milk which is full of nutrients. Various kinds of herbal teas also have the property of adding to health benefits in breastfeeding moms.


What can Green Tea do for a Nursing Mother?

The diet of the mother affects the breast milk directly hence an organic Ayurveda lactation tea for breastfeeding mothers should always be taken into consideration over any allopathic medicine. Drinking herbal teas is one of the best home remedies to increase breast milk supply to make sure that no foreign chemical or unnecessary medicine enters the body.


Green tea consists of very less amount of caffeine, which allows two cups of it to be consumed per day. This caffeine does not affect your baby and is a natural way to boost milk supply. Apart from green tea, there are other herbal teas like white tea, chamomile tea and decaffeinated black tea which can be considered by a nursing mother as the best lactation tea.


Selecting the Right kind of Green Tea

When it comes to selecting the best green tea for mothers, a healthy tea which can easily by consumed by breast feeding mothers is easily available in the form of a ready to make Herbal Green Tea from Yethai Tea.


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