Ideal Time to Consume Green tea

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Ideal Time to Consume Green tea

Green tea gained popularity in the last 20 years.

And you know what?

As per the Tea board of India, India exported 101.04 kg of Tea that has a value of US$ 306.9 million within six months from April and September 2016.

Yes, research and findings talk about the numerous health benefits offered by consuming Green tea.

"American Medical Association Journal" concludes regular consumption of Green tea reduces death caused by any health issue, even cardiovascular disease.

Do you want to learn when to use Green tea?

Read this article to know about when and when not to consume Green tea, and enjoy the wellness given by the natural Green tea.

Let's get started. 

Remember to consume water, the best drink to have soon after you wake up on an empty stomach. Any other drink might disturb your pH balance. An empty stomach has more acid and consuming water would help to bring a balance.

Introduction to Green tea

Needless to say, the origin of Green tea is China. But hang on a minute, recently many countries in Asia started producing Green tea.

India takes the second place among the world's largest tea producer, producing 900,000 tonnes every year.

Green tea, yet another type of tea made from Camellia Sinensis leaves. The leaves do not undergo the usual withering and oxidation process like the Black tea and Oolong tea. Due to the minimum process involved in producing Green tea than black tea, Green tea has a better edge over other tea.

As per the tea association of USA survey, 16% of the population consumed Green tea.

When to drink Green tea?

By now you'll be wondering about when to consume Green tea to reap all its benefits.

Here you go; an hour or two after a meal is the best time to drink Green tea. Ask me why?  It takes a minimum of one hour for your stomach to become normal after a heavy meal.

Food pipe will get struck with the oil and the food particles after a meal. Consuming Green tea after one hour of your food will help to wash away these food particles and thus improves the metabolism of your body.

Consider taking 3-5 cups of Green tea in a day and burn your calories efficiently to keep you healthy  

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When not to consume Green tea and Why?

Never drink Green tea in Empty Stomach. Many of you may know about the health benefits of Green tea.

Do you know the ill effects of drinking Green tea in empty stomach? Yes, know them to avoid putting your health into trouble.

Tannins (Yellow or Brow colored bitter-tasting organic substance found in the plant tissues that has the derivative of gallic acid) present in Green tea increases acidity in the stomach and causes pain in the stomach, constipation, and nausea.

Caffeine content in Green tea makes you feel anxious when consumed on an empty stomach.

If you have lower red blood count, then drinking Green tea would further lower your body's ability to absorb iron naturally.

Also, prevent taking green tea during meal time as it may hinder absorption of vitamin B1 and gradually leads to beriberi disease.

In a nut shell, sip every cup of Green tea one hour after a meal to combat all diseases.

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