How to identify Wholesale Tea supplier in India

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How to identify Wholesale Tea supplier in India

India is one of the largest consumers of tea in the world and is the second ranking tea exporter when it comes to producing tea for the world. So you can see the love for tea in India. This is also the reason why there are so many tea suppliers in India.

But, this often creates confusion as to which tea distribution company is the best supplier of tea in India. On this topic, several hot debates have already taken place. If you want to get into the tea business you should know about the best tea manufacturer in India, there are a lot of things that you must know before selecting a tea supplier.


How to grow the wholesale tea business?

Every year, a new tea supplier comes into the market and provides tea at a certain price. However, many wholesale tea suppliers don't see much of a rise in the demand for tea. The simple reason for this is that there is too much competition.

You see, people get bored drinking the same type of tea every day. No matter how good the tea is, people will eventually get bored. Consumers love different varieties and will get a new type of tea once they get bored. Rather than sticking to the same old tea, people like to experiment with new tea varieties and taste the new tea products. In the wholesale tea market, there are plenty of tea varieties for consumers to try.

Your business will grow only when you add more varieties to your tea supply. It is also a better option to sell tea online as most of the bulk consumers look for wholesalers online.


How to identify the right wholesale tea supplier?

There are so many wholesale tea sellers in India that it can be confusing for you to select one. The wholesale business of tea is growing rapidly in India. It creates even more confusion for you as to which wholesale dealers you can trust.

When you search for the best wholesale tea suppliers on google, you will find tonnes of wholesaler distributors of tea. But it is difficult to identify that one supplier who can supply you with tea that tastes good, is of good quality and importantly, geniune. To identify the best wholesale dealers, you should contact each of them and ask for a sample. Untill you find the right tea wholesale supplier

All you need to do is visit every wholesale tea website and contact them directly for the sample. If you like the sample of one of the wholesale suppliers of tea, then you can place a bulk order of tea. You don’t need to pay for the samples unless you are sure about the product.

Taste it yourself and then start selling it in small quantities to your customers. If you get positive feedback from your customers, then you can increase the quantity of tea and buy in bulk.


What parameters have to be ensured when you select the wholesale tea supplier?

Before you buy tea wholesale, you need to ensure that the tea supplier is trustable and consistent. If the b2b tea wholesaler is not consistent, then you won't be getting your product on time. Only buy bulk tea when you trust them.

If you want to do a wholesale tea business, you need to make sure that communication between you and the tea wholesaler is good. This is a very important aspect of business success apart from quality of product.

In a nutshell, there are 3 important parameters you should look for in the wholesale tea sellers - quality, delivery before deadline, and price. Before selecting any tea wholesaler, you should make sure that they meet these 3 important parameters.


How do you approve of the wholesale tea seller?

There are many wholesale tea suppliers in India ready to deliver the product across any part of the globe. If you are wondering where to buy wholesale tea, then you will be enlightened to know that you can get tea wholesalers online.

All you need to do is search for the best bulk tea online and you will be flooded with many tea companies online. Gone are the days when you had to travel yourself to visit the seller for the tea product. You can find their presence on the internet by going into their websites and check what kind of wholesale tea they offer. Before trying to communicate with the sellers, it is always a great idea to check their testimonials first. There are many Assam Tea wholesalers, Nilgiri Tea wholesalers and wholesalers who do both, with different varieties.

You should test their knowledge about tea and check whether they meet your expectations or not. The best way to do a wholesale tea business is to go directly to the manufacturer. You can ask the manufacturer to make any changes in the wholesale tea powder as per your need.

Just before launching the product, you should get their test certificates and check the leaf tea quality yourself.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, then you will have a successful b2b tea business.

Tea wholesale business cannot become a success unless you have a right tea supplier to support you. One of the best tea wholesaler from india is Yethai Tea. You would get the best tea varieties with best support.

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