How to effectively use the result of BMI calculator?

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How to effectively use the result of BMI calculator?

BMI (Body mass index) allows you to calculate your body fat based on your weight and height. For people of different height, the value of BMI also differs.

If you want to calculate your BMI, then you use the given formula:

BMI = kg/m2

Here, kg is the weight of the person and m2 is the height of the person. If your BMI is above 25, then you will be overweight. You will be considered fit only if your BMI is between 18 - 24.9.

If your goal is to become fit, then you should bring your BMI between the range of 18 - 24.9. If you don’t want to become just like other fat people, then you should come up with effective strategies for losing weight.


To loose weight, which foods to eat and which not to?

There are tons of different food items that you can eat. All of these foods have different calorie values. Due to this, you must be extremely careful about your food choice.

Some foods will help you increase your weight, while some foods will help you lose fat. Here is the list of foods that you should eat and foods that you should avoid

Foods to eat: If your goal is to reduce obesity, then you should add these foods into your weight loss diet plan.

  • Green leaves
  • Whole eggs
  • Salmon
  • Vegetables
  • Chicken breasts
  • Boiled potato
  • Beans
  • Tuna
  • Natural weight loss drinks
  • Nuts


Foods to avoid: Here is the list of food that you should avoid eating if you want to lose weight faster:

  • Ice cream
  • French fries
  • Cakes, pastries and cookies
  • Chocolates
  • Sugary drinks
  • White bread
  • Beer
  • Pizza
  • Soft drinks
  • Foods with a lot of sugar


Perform yoga and exercises for losing weight faster

Along with food choices, you should also do some weight loss exercise if you want to see an increase in your weight loss. Depending on the result of your BMI, you can choose whether you should do intensive exercises or lightweight exercises.

Either way, doing physical activities every day will help you lose weight fast. Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight that will help you burn fat, tone your muscles, and increase the flexibility of your body.

There are several asanas you can perform based on your level. Even if you have never done yoga in your life, you can get started by doing the basic yoga asanas.

However, if yoga is not sufficient for you, then you can do exercises at the gym or home. Either way, it will help you burn fat even when you are not doing anything as your muscles will recover from the exercises.


Follow a strict diet plan

Doing exercises alone won't be as effective as you think. You also need to have a proper diet if you want to see results faster. There are several diet plans for weight loss available on the internet that can help you with weight loss tips.

Some diet plans will make you starve, while some diet plans will tell you to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Whichever diet plan you choose, make sure that they have the following features:

  • Reduction in carbs intake
  • Eat more protein, fruits and vegetables
  • Eat fibre rich food
  • Increase in your metabolism
  • Drink coffee


Drink tea every day for better weight loss results

If you want to lose weight, you need to do yoga, exercises and follow a strict weight loss meal plan. But did you know that drinking tea every day, can support your weight loss journey?

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