Home Remedies for Thyroid

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Home Remedies for Thyroid

Diseases and disorders are rapidly becoming one of the major concerns in current times. With the help of modern science and research, many advances have been made in the field of medicine. However, popping a pill may not always be a good idea. Effects, such as drug dependency, can be very easily found in chronic disorders. The thyroid is one such disorder that impairs the normal life of an individual and binds them to their medication for the entirety of the patient’s life.

An alternative to this would be the at natural remedies to thyroid. A natural solution for thyroid might be slow, but it produces steady results when used in combination with modern medicine. Many Ayurveda tips for thyroid require lifestyle changes which are beneficial in the long run. It also has solutions for thyroid, weight loss. Ayurveda also gives weight loss tips for women and tips to living a better, healthier life. Let us try to get a better grasp on how to get rid of thyroid naturally.


The Reasons behind Thyroid

The thyroid gland, situated at the front of the throat, produces the thyroid hormones which regulate the body metabolism. Its malfunctioning may lead to either hypothyroidism – a condition when the body produces less than required thyroid hormone – or it may lead to hyperthyroidism – a condition in which more than the required amount is produced. Both these conditions affect the body adversely body.

The thyroid is a genetic disorder and may be inherited, may be present during the time of birth, or may get triggered at any stage of an individual’s life. Thyroid problems in women often get triggered around the time of menopause.


Side Effects of Thyroid

A variety of symptoms stems from the thyroid, but may not be easily recognizable. Since it may come masked as another disorder and go undetected until it’s too late. Some of the most commonly observed effects of thyroid are listed below.

  • Anxiety
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Muscle weakness
  • Increased heat sensitivity.
  • Abnormal weight loss or weight gain with unexplained medical causes
  • An enlarged thyroid gland (goitre) in case of hyperthyroidism

If you have been experiencing these symptoms over a long duration, then it is time to consult your physician. The longer you delay, the worse your case might get. In thyroid, how to cure comprises of firstly understanding the severity of your condition.


Home Remedies for Thyroid

Although home remedies for thyroid problems alone will not help uproot the disorder, when coupled with the correct lifestyle and medicines, you might be on the path to recovery. In some cases where an individual is aware of their genetic history of thyroid in the family, they can take early measures to prevent thyroid.

There are many sources of information that tell us about what to do for thyroid problem, with tips for thyroid ranging from an intentional change in sleep schedule to a diet chart. The diet thyroid patients often include probiotics, vitamin B and selenium in regulated quantity. Foods for thyroid problem must contain a balanced amount of iodine. Millets, processed foods, soy foods, beverages and cruciferous are foods that should be strictly avoided. During thyroid, foods to eat should mainly comprise of eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, gluten-free grains and dairy.

In people experiencing sudden weight gain due to thyroid, they should make mild chages to the Indian diet for weight loss. The Indian diet consists of white rice and flour, which can be exchanged with brown rice, buckwheat, chia seeds and flax seeds for weightloss effectivity. There are a lot of health tips for thyroid patients that can bring you stable results. Although these changes are by no means insignificant, yet starting small will help you in the long run.


One Place Stop for Thyroid Home Remedies

A change as small as changing the tea that you are drinking will bring about a gradual change in your thyroid condition. So, if you are not sure about how to cure thyroid naturally, then start by changing your tea.

Yethai Tea, established in 1994, is a tea brand that focuses on bringing in Ayurveda for thyroid treatment. Yethai Tea brings to you the Thyroid support Tea which will be your one-stop solution to thyroid using ingredients such as nettle, Brahmi, Echinacea, ashwagandha, flaxseed, tulsi, turmeric, cinnamon and lemon balm. These ingredients have proven to be actively helpful in treating the hormonal disorder caused by the thyroid gland, making this tea the best tea for thyroid.

In women, thyroid problems often become a cause of excessive body negativity due to abnormal weight loss or weight gain. Even in such cases, the thyroid healing tea offered by Yethai Tea will prove to be the best remedy for thyroid.


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