Green Tea with Milk Beneficial or Harmful?

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Green Tea with Milk Beneficial or Harmful?

All of you will agree that Milk has loads of health benefits. Green tea, made from Camellia Sinensis leaves without oxidation given equal health benefits when compared to milk.

Do you know?

These two super foods don't complement each other when combined.

Want to know the secret?

Follow this article for better understanding.

Green Tea with Milk

Improving metabolism and burning the calories by oxidsing the fat are the characteristic of Milk and Green tea. As a result, they contribute towards achieving weight loss goals.

But, drinking a Green tea with Milk will not help you to get the same results as consumed separately.  

Ask me why?

Yes, the protein in the milk restrains the benefits of the green tea. By now you'll be wondering how. The casein in milk structures into a compound strand of molecules along with the natural flavanols present in green tea.

Sounds too confusing, OK, understand in simple terms that casein the protein found in Milk does not work together with the natural antioxidants present in Green Tea.

Further to this, studies have found that weight loss and maintenance both becomes complicated by drinking the mixture of Green Tea and Milk.

Still not convinced?

Read more, if you add Milk to your Green tea, Green tea's beneficial effects on your vascular system cannot happen.

How Does This Happen?

Green Tea with Milk and Green Tea with water was given to 16 women who had good health. Results obtained shows that those who consumed Green tea with Milk did not allow their vascular system to function efficiently.

On the other hand, Green tea with water relaxed the blood vessels and improved dilation.

Apart from this, adding Milk to Green tea leads to insulin spikes. Milk may not be high on the glycemic index but high in insulin index.

Six Health Benefits of Green Tea

1.      Caffeine in green tea improves brain function.

2.      Green tea acts as a natural fat burner

3.      Antioxidants in Green tea lower the potential risk of several types of Cancer including Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, and Colorectal Cancer.

4.      A bioactive compound in Green tea prevents old age diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

5.      The catechins present in green tea kill bacteria and safe guards the dental decay.

6.      Regular consumption of green tea lowers the LDL cholesterol the bad cholesterols and thus improves the heart health.


As per the studies conducted by the US department of health, individuals who consumed a minimum of 5 cups of green tea in a day increased their life span.

Are you aware? As per Indian Medical Association, the exponential growth of the Indian Green Tea market has reached 50%.

If you belong to the health conscious community, then consider consuming Green tea without milk.


How to prepare Green tea?

1. Just add a cup of water and bring it to boiling.

2. Add one spoon green tea to it and brew it for 10 Mins.

3. Filter and consume warm

4. Initially, add some honey till you get used to the bitter taste.

Trust my article has convinced you about not mixing Green Tea with Milk. Enjoy the benefits of Green tea.