Green Tea Vs Green Coffee - Which one is Better?

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Green Tea Vs Green Coffee - Which one is Better?

Green tea and Green Coffee have carved a niche for themselves in the fitness world. In recent years both beverages have attracted much attention as a healthy weight loss enhancing beverages. 

Do you know from where does Green Coffee bean come?

Green coffee beans come from the coffee seeds of Coffea fruits, which is unroasted. These green beans are naturally green and contain a lot of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Though Green Coffee helps enormously in weight loss, it has several side effects too. 


Because of its caffeine, high doses of Green Coffee could be dangerous. Caffeine can cause nervousness and restlessness in a person. Insomnia, stomach upset, increased heart and breathing rate, are some other side effects that caffeine can cause. Besides, taking some large quantity of coffee might also cause anxiety, headache, agitation and irregular heartbeats. 


As Green Coffee has high chlorogenic acid, consuming a big amount of it can increase plasma homocysteine levels, which may be connected with diseases such as heart disease. Furthermore, caffeine also might make bleeding disorder worse. Researchers have shown that caffeine is also not good for diabetic patients.  


Pregnant women should not take green coffee bean extract as it could lead to a folic acid deficiency in the child. It is also advised that a person who is under medication should avoid green coffee beans. Consult your doctor beforehand and see if the drugs you take for your treatment are compatible with green coffee bean extract. 


Another disadvantage of green coffee beans is that you cannot consume this as a liquid like tea or regular coffee. You can only take it in the form of tablets, capsules or pills that contain green coffee bean powder. So, you can only take the quantity that is recommended to you half an hour before every meal. 


Green tea, on the hand, is extracted from the buds and leaves of the plant known as ‘Camellia sinensis’. As it has less caffeine, it is packed with full of health-promoting compounds. Regular drinking Green Tea can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of several diseases, like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


variety of Green Tea farming is done throughout Asia, creating different types of Green Tea. One can purchase this incredible Tea as fresh leaves or in tea bags. You can also buy Green Tea, which is frequently blended with other flavours such as ginger, lemon, or lime to enhance the taste. Further, Organic India Green Tea is beneficial in strengthening and revitalizing, one’s body and mind. 


Green tea is rich in antioxidants, catechins, polyphenols, and other phytochemicals. These elements not only fight diseases like cancer and aids in boosting the metabolism of our body but also enhance the brain for higher productivity.  


Multiple studies show that people who drink Green Tea are less likely to get certain types of cancers like prostate or breast cancer, compared to those who don’t drink it. Moreover, many studies suggest that green tea may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 


The Ketogenic diet chart also recommends Green Tea for many Health Benefits 


In a nut shell, Green Tea is better in many aspects than Green Coffee. 


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