Green Tea for Weight Loss

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Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is known to have numerous benefits, the most significant of them is its ability to help in weight loss. There are various researches in different countries to provie that consuming green tea results in weight loss. This is one reason why more people, in recent years have started to prefer green tea to black tea.

How can green tea result in weight loss?

The flavonoid and caffeine in Green Tea improves the metabolism and due to which fat gets burns faster and results in weight loss.

The questiion which comes to our mind immediately is "How much weight can we lose by drinking green tea? Well, there is no correct answer for that. It totally depends on our body, the diet you meaintain, the physical activities you get involved in, the excercise you do, the quality of green tea you drink, the time when you dring the tea and so on. However, researches have provied that a combination of Green Tea and excercise will help you in loosing weight.

So how much green tea should you be drinking to reduce weight? Studies suggest that a drinking a mere 3-5 cups of green tea per day can reduce your weight. Drinking Green Tea daily can also control the insulin level and improve your brain activity as per the researchers. 

So which green tea brand should you buy? The quality of green tea that you consume plays a major role. So which variety of green tea should you drink? More importantly, where should you buy it from? There are many green tea manufacturers in India who offer superior quality green tea. You can order it online or buy it directly from a green tea manufacturer.

Is there a right way to brew green tea? Can it be brewed the same way like black tea? Well, boiling water is bad for the catechins present in green tea. And if your aim is to reduce weight, then probably you would want to preserve all of those. You will indeed have to boil the water. However, then wait for ten minutes before pouring it over the green tea leaves. Brew for one minute and then serve it hot.

How long should you wait before you start checking the weighing scales? Well, again, this is dependent on a lot of other factors. Even if you do not observe any weight loss, it is a good idea to keep drinking it. Green tea has numerous other benefits as well which may be evident from the beginning. Also make sure not to rely totally on green tea to cut down on those extra fats. Follow a healthy diet and indulge in regular physical activities.

To reiterate, green tea has proven weight reduction ability. Make sure you source high quality green tea from reputed green tea manufacturers for best results. Make organic green tea a part of your daily diet, and sooner or later, the result will start showing. Eat healthy, stay fit and with a few cups of green tea daily, you definitely will lose weight.

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