Green Tea for Diabetes

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Green Tea for Diabetes

Do you know what is diabetics?

A very common problem that we hear people suffer from these days is Diabetes. For those who do not know what Diabetes is, let me tell you. Diabetes is a disorder when the body cells do not respond to a hormone called Insulin. You see, our pancreas produces Insulin which is helpful in storing sugar and fat from the food that we intake. For some people the pancreas either doesn’t produce enough Insulin or the cells do not respond the way they should to the insulin produced. These people suffer from Diabetes. There is no cure for diabetes except watching your food intake. Medications only provide some sort of a balance to the Insulin production so that the blood sugar is kept in check.


Do you know that in severe cases, people inject insulin directly into the blood stream to combat high blood sugar? Isn’t that scary or what!


There are two types of diabetes that is commonly found- Type I and Type II.

Type I diabetes is an auto immune disease which affects from childhood itself. The pancreas doesn’t produce insulin at all for people suffering from this. In this condition, people are completely dependent on Insulin.


Type II diabetes is the most commonly found diabetes in adults. In such cases the body doesn’t respond appropriately to the hormone produced by the pancreas. Thus, people suffering from this have to keep careful track of their body weight as well as their diet. Although milder than Type I, the patients still have to make sure that they exercise regularly to maintain the glucose level of their bodies.


Let us see how it affects you.

Now that we have discussed the types of Diabetes, let us discuss how it affects the body. Diabetes can cause major health conditions because it affects the blood vessels of our body specially the smallest one which lead to vital organs like kidneys, heart, nerves, liver, eyes, etc. Type II Diabetes, being progressive in nature, can also lead to organ failure if blood sugar is not controlled. The most effective way to keep the blood sugar managed is to exercise regularly and follow a diet. 


Are you aware that green tea can help maintain it? 

It is interesting to note that given the many concerns that people suffering from diabetes face on a daily basis, there is a potion that can be a perfect aide to maintaining blood sugar levels. If you replace all your other beverages like soda, canned juices, sports drinks or energy drinks with Green Tea, you have cut down on fifty percent of your sugar intake. Added sugar is the biggest reason of high blood sugar.


Green tea is known to regulate blood sugar by increasing the levels off good cholesterol, improving overall heart health along with reducing stress and anxiety and blood pressure.. All this coupled with an active lifestyle and a balanced diet can work wonders for you.


Antioxidants present in green tea help maintain insulin levels by digesting and absorbing less of the carbohydrates consumed, making it easier to manage blood sugar. Did you know that the Health department of US states that having green tea reduces the risk of Type II diabetes by almost 33%. In fact. If doctors are to be believed, Green tea might help combat fatigue, lethargy and overall  


Isn’t Now the perfect time to start your daily dose of Green Tea?