Green Tea for Acne

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Green Tea for Acne

Ever shocked watching your own face in the mirror when there is a very important day for you?

I guess many of you got that tensed mirror face many times in a day. Acne is actually a big big issue in our lives. And how to get rid of it, is a very big question of the era.

The thing is that we don’t even know from where this acne is appearing on our face what could be that instant impossible remedy or magic to get rid of it. “Oh my God it is a very important day of my life and now because of this hill like acne will damage my whole look” – yes one of the very common lines “acnerians” say.

Beauty, health, and fitness is the trending buzz nowadays and increasing rapidly. Mainly the guesses like – are there any foods or drinks that can help us out of this acne field permanently? Does eating chocolate cause acne? Is anywhere alcohol and acne related? The jury is still debating on these related topic and acne is still on its spot.

There is a drink that has become a very hot discussion topic everywhere, yes you guessed it right. Green Tea is a scientifically proven drink which provides tons of benefits for skin health and is often cited as one of the best ways to treat acne problems.


How helpful is Green Tea to reduce acne?

Yes, it is true that Green Tea intake for acne can definitely reduce inflammation, which is directly related to clear beautiful healthy skin and plays a very important role in the frequency and severity of the acne breakouts. Green Tea can relieve your skin from acne symptoms. Green Tea is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals and nurse from damaged skin to heath glowing and beautiful skin from within. Many Acne treatment diets includes Green Tea as one in the list.


What do the laboratories globally say about the benefits of Green Tea?

Various studies and researches are going on and proved the amazing benefits your skin and overall body can achieve from the intake of Green Tea. The  European Food Safety Authority - efsa   states how beneficial Green is for your entire body of course including acne problems. The  American Society of Nutrition  – excellence in nutrition research and practice explains the detailed benefits of Green Tea not only for skin acne problems but also for the entire body.



Green Tea is super beneficial in acne problems and its effects stay for long in the skin cells for the longevity of healthy shinier glowing brighter looking skin. Oh yes don’t be too confused that will it work for your skin type or not. Definitely, Green Tea is not at all against any skin color discrimination or types it is totally friendly for all skin types. Make it your breakfast buddy or your afternoon Tea friend or a long talk evening partner but from now on if you really want to get rid of acne problems permanently than make a habit to drink Green Tea every day


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