Green Tea Fights Obesity

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Green Tea Fights Obesity

Do you hate Obesity?

Being obese has a significant impact on your health. Obesity causes many health problems. Most of you desperately spend money to lose weight.

You’ve tried everything. But, all the efforts go in vain. Ask me why?  Due to the reason that you forgot about the natural ways to lose weight.

Yes, per the Indian Medical Association (IMA), more than 30% of Indians, both adults and children, experience potbelly abdominal Obesity.  

Now, you agree with the heat of the context.  Wouldn’t it be great if you find a simple medicine that fights Obesity? 

Nature gifted us with that single drug called Green Tea. The Polyphenol  Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) combats Obesity.  

Let’s dig a little deeper about Green Tea.

Green Tea Contains

1. Caffeine, don't get nervous! The percentage of caffeine, when compared to Coffee, is very less and also here it helps to burn fat.

2. EGCG improves the body metabolism and thus reduces the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body.

3. Ten times more Antioxidants present in Green Tea, when compared to fruits and vegetables, helps to fight Obesity. The chart published by has listed ThearubiginsEpicatechin, and Catechins


The fact revealed by Tea Association of USA states that Green Tea stands behind water in the most consumed infusion list. And water takes the number one place. 80% of the households in the USA have tea on their kitchen counter.  


How and when to Consume Green Tea for Best Results 

Consider drinking 3-5 cups of Green Tea to fight against Obesity.

In addition to that, follow this tip to enjoy your Green Tea.

Just boil a cup of water, steep a spoon of Green Tea in it for two minutes. Drink it warm. Add a little honey for your sweet craving tooth.

Alternatively, boil five cups of water till you see bubbles on the top, switch off the flame and add five spoons of Green Tea leaves while the water is still hot. Allow it to settle. Filter and drink this concoction after every meal and all through the day to improve your metabolism and burn fat.

But remember not to reheat the brewed tea.


Know how Green Tea fights Obesity

The polyphenols in Green Tea elevates cholecystokinin present in the hormone and eventually reduces the intake of food. In simple words it curbs appetite.

This beverage also alters energy balance by interfering with the metabolism of carbs and lipids due to their physicochemical and antioxidant properties.  

Green Tea activates the metabolic enzymes and thereby improving digestion to help convert fat into energy.

Per Indian Tea Association, during the six months between Jan and May 2017, India has exported 87.57 M Kg of tea across countries.


Few Cents to Fight Obesity

HonestlyGreen Tea does help in fighting Obesity. Incorporate Green Tea to your diet along with following the daily health routine.

  • In the morning soon after brushing your teeth drink one liter of water.
  • Do some brisk activities like walking, yoga, cycling, and breathing for up to 30 mins. Choose the best exercise that fits you.
  • Have a balanced and nutritious breakfast.
  • Make sure to sip a cup of Green Tea after every meal.

Accompany some loose Green Tea with you and brew in hot water to sip when you feel thirsty. Doing so not only quenches your thirst but also keeps you fit

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