Green Tea Diet for Healthy Life

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Green Tea Diet for Healthy Life

While everyone prefers to lead a healthy life, but many times most of you do not follow healthy eating to achieve your goal. All problems begin when you fail to follow the right diet regimen.

Don’t worry.

You can still get back to a healthy life by just making few changes in your food. Yes, you can make use of green tea and black tea to become healthy without compromising on eating junk food.

Beware, these drinks do not do any miracle if you continue to eat junk food as your primary food. But consuming them can certainly help you to lead a disease free life along with having your favorite French fries in a limited quantity once in a month or so.

US department of health has given the following guideline for a healthy diet. This dietary guideline gets published once in every five years from 1980. 

Children above age two can follow the diet for a healthy life. 

Food that has low-fat dairy products and fat-free diet combined with sufficient amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables make a complete balanced food.  

Adults, teens, and children should watch their intake of food including refined grains, added sugars, preservatives, sodium, and solid fats. 

Now you have got a fair idea about what kind of food you must eat.  


Understand how Tea helps In Promoting Healthy Life 

Green tea: Prepared by steaming tea leaves and has a higher concentration of EGCG. The antioxidants in Green tea may prevent the cancerous growth in pancreas, colon, stomach, lung, breast, and bladder. It also reduces the risk of a clog in the arteries, neurological disorders, and stroke by counteracting the oxidative stress on the brain. 

Black tea: The black tea is prepared with teas leaves that are fermented tea leaves. The caffeine content in black tea is the highest among all tea varieties. Caffeine content in black tea keeps you alert. Also, research shows that drinking black tea protects the lungs from getting damaged due to either cigarette smoking or passive smoking. 


How to Consume Tea for Reaping the Maximum Benefit

You want to know the best ways to consume tea to enjoy the taste and its health benefits.

Consider drinking tea without milk and sugar. You may wonder about the taste. Rest assured tea tastes great by brewing the tea for two minutes and adding a spoon of lemon juice and honey. Also, it relaxes the blood vessel to improve dilation. Even milk and sugar can give the desired taste but harms your health equally. Milk protein holds back the goodness of green tea. Consume low-fat milk separately but not with tea.  

According to WHO (World Health Organization) adding more sugar in daily diet causes harm more than alcohol does to your body. 

Even though sugar is not a toxic food, but aids to increase your body fat. Increase in fat leads to obesity which is the cause of all health ailments. Hence it is suggested to avoid sugar in tea. 

The tea statistics states that India is one among the world's largest black tea consumer. Domestic tea consumers in India use more than 911 million kg of tea.  Black tea export from India during 2015-16 was recorded as reached 232.92 million kg

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