Going Green for Thyroid

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Going Green for Thyroid

Green tea has always been a traditional choice for people since ancient times. It has been prized for its many benefits and nutritional properties. From facilitating weight loss to aiding to glowing skin, Green tea can solve thyroid problems and has medical benefits that naturally boost our health.

Hypothyroidism is a widespread problem nowadays observed in many households. It is a condition where the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough TSH. Hypothyroidism affects body temperature, heart rate, metabolism of the body as well as increases weight gain.

Even while treating thyroid medically, it is always preferable to try out antithyroid tea or organic products that help the body fight the disease and take natural preventions.  Green tea can solve thyroid problems naturally and safely.


How Is Green Tea Beneficial To The Body?

Green tea acquires most of its beneficial properties from the polyphenols and catechins, making it the best tea for thyroid. Various studies have brought to light the fact that green tea has the potential to solve thyroid problems. Using any natural product will limit one's exposure to harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Organic tea has the added advantage of being free from pesticides, often called thyroid-disrupting chemicals. Considering its intrinsic properties, green tea is always cultivated in an area free from pollution and industrial contamination.


What Problems Does The Thyroid Cause?

Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism can be caused by could be caused by an imbalance in the chemical reactions within the body. Any autoimmune disease or radiation therapy can trigger thyroid problems. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located at the front neck base below the Adam's Apple.

This gland produces two main hormones called T3 and T4. Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis very commonly leads to hypothyroidism. Apart from impacting your metabolism, this also dramatically influences bodily functions such as heart rate and temperature.


Why Does The Thyroid Attack Women More?

Women these days have started to face extensive health issues. Hormonal imbalance has become increasingly common in women. Similarly, hypothyroidism is more common in middle-aged women than men, often leading to multiple health problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome, disruption in the menstrual cycle, sudden weight loss or gain, constipation, skin and hair problems, hypertension etc. Thyroid problems in women are increasing due to autoimmunity in women.

In an autoimmune disease, the body suspects a threat from a normal part of the body and produces antibodies to attack them. These antibodies end up destroying or damaging our cells and glands, leading to various diseases, including thyroiditis.

Women are affected more than men, although the reason is not clearly understood, yet women thyroid problems are predicted to be related to environmental, lifestyle or genetic factors. Women giving birth are often susceptible to this disease, as 5% to 9% of women develop postpartum thyroiditis.


Does Thyroid Need A Special Diet?

Once diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, one must be careful to avoid the following foods keep a conscious diet for thyroid patients to keep a check on food that affects it. The best thyroid women weight loss tips include the following thyroid foods not to eat:

  • Food-related to soy
  • Cruciferous types of vegetables like Cauliflower and broccoli
  • Gluten
  • Food containing high fat like butter, meat and deep-fried items
  • Food having high sugar content
  • Processed, packaged and frozen food
  • Excess of table salt


Can Thyroid Be Helped Naturally?

Similar to food that should be avoided, there is a list of food for thyroid problems that help control the thyroid-stimulating hormone in the body. These home remedies for thyroid problems that should include in the diet are:

  • Items with high protein content like egg fish, meat, dairy, etc
  • All types of fruits and fresh vegetables
  • Gluten-free items

We must always try to incorporate natural remedies for thyroid into our diet and medicine plans. There is no better alternative than letting our body heal with the help of nature. If you wonder, what to do for thyroid problems, then exercise and implementing a proper diet are the first step of settling our hormones to prevent thyroid.


Home Remedies For Thyroid

Relieving ones stress, and taking care of mental health helps to lower thyroid activities. These are the best answers to how to get rid of thyroid naturally

Natural and organic remedies like Ayurvedic tips for thyroid, vitamins, thyroid healing tea, and probiotics are the best remedies for thyroid, helping provide aid and relaxation to our bodies.

If you are on the lookout for how to cure thyroid naturally, Yethai tea brings you the best solution for thyroid. Green tea is considered to be the best health tips for thyroid patients.

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