Energy Boosting Tea – The Natural And Healthier Energy Booster

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Energy Boosting Tea – The Natural And Healthier Energy Booster

Our daily routine in life is not very different from our cell phones, with the dawn of every morning, our mobile phones are charged completely and ready for function, similarly with a good night’s sleep our body revitalizes and is ready to take on a productive day, when the clock strikes the last hour, like our phones we too end up drained and exhausted!

We barely get to live life to its fullest and attack every opportunity that comes knocking.

Energy is a fundamental necessity to survive, did you know that cells cannot persist on their own? Power is vital for endurance, from growth to reproduction to maintaining balance to movement and defense to even the repairing of other cells, energy plays a pivotal role in the human body.

Everyone needs their daily dose of energy, but how is it produced in a human body? Our brain, our heart, our liver and all other parts of our body require energy to sustain themselves.

ATP - adenosine triphosphate, is the sole source of energy for all human metabolism. Food is a paramount requirement, our bodies digest the food we eat by mixing it with acids and enzymes in the stomach. Once the food is digested, the carbohydrate (sugars and starches) in the food breaks down into glucose.

The stomach and small intestines absorb the glucose and then release it into the bloodstream, glucose can then either be utilized by our body or have it stored for later.

However have you ever wondered what would happen if we had low energy levels? Here are some symptoms, pay close attention!

In this world where ‘fast is slow’, it could cost people their careers. Low energy levels induces a negative attitude which proves to be dangerous.

To keep up with the fleeting pace of life, people are carried away and are tempted by energy drinks in the form of energy booster drinks or energy booster powder, which is detrimental for one’s body. 

The question that now rises is – How do we increase our energy levels without damaging our bodies?
The answer lays in front of us, Energy Tea!
In particular,
Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet and is a natural energy booster, it contains caffeine which promotes energy alertness and can give you an energy boost! It also contains vitamin C which helps amplify immune levels and in turn protects the intensity of energy required, and don’t forget the many other added aids- from better brain function to weight loss! For more insight you can head onto:
Lemongrass is another exceptional ingredient, apart from its unique lemon flavor and tangy taste, it helps boost the immune system. The vitamins – vitamin A and Vitamin C, and minerals it contains contribute to fending off the flu and common cold thus retaining energy while concurrently increasing immune health and rejuvenating the system!
Let’s not forget Mint, refreshing and beneficial to the human system. Did you know that mint is a natural stimulant and its scent is enough to charge one’s body?
If you feel exhausted and anxious, the herbal leaves simply contribute to charging your energy and better brain function! It can be ingested or inhaled as vapor or just pairing it with tea makes it soothing and healthy, all these techniques prove to be effective as it invigorates the body and pumps you for every new day!

So whether you require an energy booster for the gym or an energy booster for running, never forget to brew up a hot cup of green tea with either a hint of lemongrass or a hint of mint! Create your very own energy tea


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