Effect Of Drinking Green Tea In Regulating Blood Pressure (BP)

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Effect Of Drinking Green Tea In Regulating Blood Pressure (BP)

Have you ever thought about BP, its number, the average range, etc.?

During every heartbeat, the heart compresses and pushes the blood via arteries to all part of the body. This energy will create pressure on the blood vessels, called as systolic BP. BP stands for blood pressure. The diastolic BP is the pressure generated in the arteries during the resting time of the heart in between every beat. The heart gets filled with blood and receives oxygen at this time

The systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure forms the numerator and denominator of the reading respectively. The standard value is 120/80.

The standard value as suggested by American Heart Association is given in the table for your reference.  


Ok, now you want to know how your BP is calculated.

Steps Involved In Measuring Blood Pressure

  1. Either the Dr will wrap a cuff around the upper arm.
  2. They will use a stethoscope and listen to the movement of blood via the artery.
  3. Then will inflate the cuff to a pressure greater than the standard systolic range. i.e., 120. At this time the cuff will get tighten.
  4. When the inflation is released the cuff will deflate, and there will be a sound heard and this is systolic pressure and marked down.
  5. The sound stops at one place, and that is the point marked as diastolic pressure.


Factors Leading To Change In BP 

  • Unhealthy body weight.
  • Failing to eat balanced food including dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Eating more salt.
  • Lack of physical exercise.
  • Excessive alcohol drinking.
  • Unwanted stress.


You can ask one question here. What will happen when the BP value changes?

When the systolic pressure is more than 120, and diastolic pressure is more than 80, it is called as high BP or hypertension. High BP leads to heart attack and stroke.

Now, you must know the symptoms of variation in BP to take medical attention immediately. Usually, Hypertension does not make a noise like other problems. It is a silent killer and not exhibits any exact symptoms. You must regularly check your BP after the age of forty as a precaution. When you grow older, the blood pressure increases steadily, and the arteries will become narrower and stiffer because of plaque formation.


What should you do to regulate BP?

All the reasons mentioned as factors leading to change in BP must be corrected. Which means, maintain proper weight, eat the right food, etc.


Role of Green Tea in Controlling BP

Green Tea plays a significant role in regulating BP for the following reasons.

A flavonoid called catechin and antioxidants present in Green Tea helps to regulate the BP and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Brew the tea for a longer time to get benefit from the disease-fighting flavonoid. Drink a minimum of three cups of Green Tea to stay away from any heart disease.


The plant-based polyphenols in Green Tea including Epigallocatechin Gallate, Gallocatechol, Epicatechin, and thearubigins helps in keeping the standard value of BP.


According to the studies carried out by NCBI consumption of Green Tea attenuates the systolic pressure. 


Thus, prevent BP by drinking Green Tea regularly from the age of thirty and incorporate yoga into your daily routine and stay healthy