Does Drinking Green Tea can be effective when cold?

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Does Drinking Green Tea can be effective when cold?

Green Tea is well-known healthy drink in the world these days. And I am sure you are aware of its exceptional benefits of drinking Green Tea for weight loss fast. But the problem is its bitter taste that sometimes allows you to put your cup of hot Green Tea aside.  

Perhaps you may listen to the fact, drinking cold Green Tea is not as effective as hot. But it is true? Let us find out.  

First, we will talk about the benefits of drinking hot Green Tea. Green Tea leaves are blended with high antioxidants that work superbly inside the body, when you drink this hot such as it boosts metabolism to promote weight loss, improve immunity to fights with free radicals, lower cholesterol level, reduce risk of cancer and heart stroke, improve inflammatory response, control diabetes, and many more. One of our likeminded friend, Gerard has also written about Green Tea which can be seen on   

Now, what benefits you will get when you drink cold Green Tea. The benefits you may enjoy are high immunity, high stamina, control blood sugar, insulin, and cholesterol level. Also, this is perfect for better your energy throughout the day and preventing heart attack. You can check this report to find out cold Green Tea pros   

The thing which I need to clear here, as long you steep Green Tea it leaves its antioxidants. Maximum 3 minutes are enough to steep and get the same benefits as hot in iced Green Tea. So prep your Tea accordingly.  

As you can see, you will get the same benefits while you drink hot or cold Green Tea. However, I have a few suggestions for you while making Green Tea to keep it healthy for the day. Do you need to know?  

How do you need to make this Green Tea natural and healthy?

  • Take one pan and boil one cup of water

  • Now, take half Teaspoon of Green Tea loose leaves

  • Put boiled water in a cup and stir Green Tea leaves. 

  • Steep it for 3 minutes. 

If you are preparing this Green Tea for weight loss and active energy, 2-3 cups of Green Tea are enough. But make sure you are drinking this Tea without sugar and honey. Boil water once in a day with Green Tea over 3 minutes and drink it the whole day, whenever you need. 

You may also love to hear that in China, Green Tea is the only beverage that put all Chinese into healthy living. They prefer to drink Green Tea rather other Teas. You may check more info on why Chinese believe, Green Tea is the secret of youthful energy  

One of the best method that most people use, including Chinese it that, filling hot water in a flask and adding small amount of Green Tea leaves to it. Then drinking it throughout the day whenever they feel thirsty

Now, we all know drinking Green Tea whether it is cold or hot is beneficial for health and wellness. So, what’s next? 

If you want to become a healthy, younger and energetic person, they must opt for Green Tea, but buy it only from the best manufacturers who can deliver you natural benefits with no use of chemicals. 

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