Do you know about Ooty Tea?

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Do you know about Ooty Tea?

Ooty is among with most famous and fascinating hill stations in India. Ooty is situated towards the south of India in the Nilgiri district. As Ooty is a hill station, many parts of Ooty have Tea plantations. The tea is often named after its place of cultivation. Ooty Tea is cultivated and manufactured in the areas of Ooty. Hence people of the area named it Ooty Tea.


Where is Ooty?

Ooty is a small but very popular hill station situated in Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu. It is a captivating town surrounded by four hills of the Nilgiri Range. The Longitudinal position of Ooty is 76° 42’ East and the latitudinal position is 11°24’ North.

Ooty is situated about 2000 meters above sea level. People visit Ooty to experience the enticing cool weather and watch the breathtaking look of hills surrounded by. Ooty is surrounded by four hills named Snowdown, Elk Hill, Doddabetta, and Club Hill. It is situated where the Eastern Ghats meet the Western Ghats. The stunning look of Ooty entices the tourists and has become a great tourist spot for you to visit.


How is the climate in Nilgiri?

The Nilgiri is located at an elevation of about 900 to 2600 meters above sea level. As Nilgiri is situated at an altitude the climate here is cool and suitable for Tea manufacturing. The average temperature in summer here ranges between 25°C to 10°C. The winters are cooler and experience the temperature range of 21°C to 2°C. Nilgiri ranges experience an average rainfall of 190cm. Such rainfall makes the surroundings greener and fresher!


Why is tea famous in Nilgiri? How would be the flavor of Nilgiri Tea?

Nilgiri has an adequate climate that suits the cultivation of tea. Tea needs heavy rainfall and a cool temperature to grow. Nilgiri tea is named after the Nilgiri district and is famous due to its briskness and fragrant flavors. These qualities are achieved due to the favorable climatic conditions in Nilgiri.

The Nilgiri tea flavor can be described as light but enticing with a tint of citrus fruits aroma and floral notes. Nilgiri Tea is quite popular across the country and is manufactured in the Tea factories located in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri, Gudalur which are the famous towns in Nilgiris. Nilgiri tea powder when boiled releases a soothing aroma that makes you fall in love with the flavor.


Is Nilgiri tea being exported?

Many manufacturers in Nilgiri and nearby areas cultivate and manufacture tea powder. The tea manufactured in the hills of Nilgiri, popularly known as Nilgiri tea. As a result, it is been supplied all across the country. Many well-known Nilgiri Tea producing companies not only export in bulk but also supply tea in small packets as well. You can buy Nilgiri tea in bulk to resell as well as for your personal use in your desired packaging from Nilgiri Tea Manufacturers.

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How to use Nilgiri Tea?

Ooty tea powder or Nilgiri Tea powder is the result of dried fresh leaves of Nilgiri tea. It has a brisk flavor with a sweet and good aroma that can make your day refreshed. Nilgiri Tea is mostly preferred with milk and sugar. Nilgiri tea tastes best when used without sugar, milk, or lemon to feel the freshness of natural tea.


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