Can I Drink Tea in A Loose Motion?

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Can I Drink Tea in A Loose Motion?

Wondering how to stop loose motion without medicine safely? So, here is the complete guide. Loose motion is often known as diarrhea that causes spiteful health side effects such as dehydration, nutrients loss, fatigue, and low blood pressure.

Nowadays, it becomes the common cause of death in most underdeveloped countries among infants and aged peoples. Due to the loss of water in the body, the personality of an individual also stretches. This often led to more problems like frequent urination, weakness, high heart rate, stomach pain and more. 

This generally caused by a viral infection in which most common are intestinal disorders, bad reactions, parasites, and bacterial infection. Even this can be caused by eating bad food that simply creates germs inside the intestine and deteriorates immunity. However, loose stools often happen normally due to bad eating of food, but if it is frequent throughout the day for 2 days, then it can be dangerous.   

If you are suffering from the loose motion and diarrhea then you may find numerous natural home remedies to stop it and feel better such as:

  1. Eating bananas are the most effective remedy to stop loose motion. These riches with potassium that helps in improving digestion, metabolism, and making bowel movements normal. This naturally absorbs water and salt in the colon and makes stool firmer.
  2. White rice with curd is the most common and effective remedy to control loose motion. Curd has a soothing plus cooling effect that fights with bacteria make bowel firmer, whereas white rice is good in boosting energy and making digestion healthier. The combination of both can improve bowel health.
  3. Oats are the best to add healthy fiber in the body that quickly work in absorbing water and salt amount to make stool firmer. Here you need to make sure you are eating veggie oatmeal.
  4. Potatoes are good in fiber and starch. A little pinch of salt and pepper into boil + mashed potatoes can stop loose motion. This is filled with vitamin C and B6 which restore the fluidity of the body too.
  5. Apples are key to stay healthy and active. These are rich with pectin, which is good to stop loose motion and better bowel movements.


Well, all-natural remedies are effective. But on this point, we need to clear one thing, if your condition is serious then speaking with the doctor is vital than of natural home remedy. To know more tips see  this 


Or else if you are feeling the start of loose motion then curing methods are available, but make sure you are opting the good one that works wonders not worsen. In such a case, here we have shared the list of foods you need to avoid. 


Foods to avoid in loose motion

  1. Dairy products
  2. Spicy foods
  3. Non-veg
  4. Onions
  5. Coffee, tea, and soda
  6. Fried and greasy foods
  7. Citrus fruits like oranges

So, now I will tell you about the new study occurs that loose motion cause piles and weight loss too.

Let us pit some light on it.  

Piles (hemorrhoids) is painful and serve condition that generally causes too much pain in rectum. According to studies, diarrhea is considered a major cause of piles, because it creates heavy pressure in rectum while passing out stools via sitting for a long time in the toilet. On the other hand, weight loss also happens after loose motion. During liquid bowel movements, your body loses major nutrients and potassium that burn fat also. And people can lose much of their weight. If you want to learn more about this fact check here 

At this time, you go to know everything about loose motion, but still, you are here to know how loose motion can be cured with Tea. 

So here is the answer. 

Yes! Herbal Tea is one of the best cure to fight with normal to dangerous immune system disorders. Black Tea is the true tea that helps to get back in your normal life and better overall wellness. It is made of Camellia sinensis plant that naturally packed with health benefits. It is a scientifically proven method to treat diarrhea without side effects. One study also published and reveals the people who are suffering from acute diarrhea have seen a great impact on their immune health with black tea.

Drinking 2 cups of black tea can better metabolism and immunity that stops loose motion and bring back your regular energy. If you are interested to know about complete study check here

Studies have also shown drinking Black Tea with lemon can double the health benefits and prevent loose motion faster. With this, your intake of calories will be down that further improves overall health. When you drink black tea alone, it inhibits the absorption of iron while black tea with lemon counteracts the effects. Because lemon can improve the body's ability to absorbs iron. This also helps to prevent diarrhea to get worsen. 

So, in the end, we can say that drinking Black Tea for loose motion is a highly effective method. 

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